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Fox and Friends and Larry Elder

The Hosts of “Fox and Friends” Are Pushing Bogus Voter Fraud Claims Ahead of California’s Recall Election

The hosts of “Fox and Friends” are pushing unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud ahead of California’s recall election, which will determine whether incumbent Governor Gavin Newsom will remain in office amid conservative backlash against Covid-19 restrictions. “The degradation of that state under his [Newsom’s] leadership is really quite apparent,” one of the hosts said during…

Trump proclaims himself the best president for black Americans since Lincoln

Trump Suggests Re-Running the Election Over Mail-In Ballots: “They’ll Have To Do It Again”

Donald Trump has claimed the presidential election may have to be re-run because of mail-in ballots. The President again repeated the false claim about voter fraud. At a press conference announcing a pardon for Susan B. Anthony, Trump was asked about mail-in-voting. He responded by attacking the Democrats and questioning the legitimacy of the upcoming…


Study Finds Vote-by-Mail Doesn’t Benefit One Party More Than Another, Striking Down GOP Talking Point

President Donald Trump and Republicans have repeatedly disparaged vote-by-mail options in response to criticisms from voting rights advocates who’ve expressed safety concerns during the coronavirus pandemic. But a new study from Stanford University’s Democracy and Polarization Lab has found that contrary to the widely-held belief among the GOP that vote-by-mail gives Democrats an advantage over…

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