Trump Falsely Claims Election Results “May Never Be Accurately Determined”

Trump's law and order message flops in new poll

Donald Trump has claimed the results of November’s election could never be known. The comments come amid his ongoing attacks on mail-in ballots and bad poll numbers.

The President took to Twitter on Thursday to make false claims about what he’s deemed “unsolicited ballots” and suggest many ballots will be sent to people who aren’t even eligible to vote. read more

Trump Suggests Re-Running the Election Over Mail-In Ballots: “They’ll Have To Do It Again”

Trump proclaims himself the best president for black Americans since Lincoln

Donald Trump has claimed the presidential election may have to be re-run because of mail-in ballots. The President again repeated the false claim about voter fraud.

At a press conference announcing a pardon for Susan B. Anthony, Trump was asked about mail-in-voting. He responded by attacking the Democrats and questioning the legitimacy of the upcoming election. read more