Judge Denounces His Own Ruling on the Constitutionality of Voter ID Laws

Judge Richard Posner says he got it Voter ID ruling wrong, acknowledges that the result of it is vote suppression.

A Lone, Sane Republican Vows to Address the Voting Rights Act by the End of the Year

Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) is on the record saying he wants to fix the pre-clearance formula by the end of this year.

Rick Scott Is Back With a New Scheme To Purge the Vote In Florida

In Florida, it's deja vu all over again. Rick Scott is back in the business of purging the vote. The last time Scott tried this, 182,000 people were put on an initial list based on DMV records.

We Shall Overcome Voter Suppression: More States Are Making It Easier to Vote

While Republicans in some states remain dedicated to the war on voting, many more states are working to make voting more accessible.

Republican Outreach: Xenophobia with a Smile

The adverse effect of the GOP's sexist, racist and homophobic attitudes and policies extend beyond the groups most directly affected.

The Future of the Voting Rights Act Depends on One Supreme Court Justice

In reality the future of the Voting Rights Act depends on whether Justice Kennedy places a higher priority on states' rights, or the rights of millions of Americans to vote.

Defeat of Republican Efforts to Steal Elections Hinges on SCOTUS Voting Right Act Case

The SCOTUS will hear arguments Shelby County Alabama v. Holder on Wednesday. The facts of 2012 alone should make this an easy ruling in favor of upholding the VRA including Article 5.

With Voter Fraud Myth Debunked, Montana GOP Attack Same Day Voter Registration

Republicans in Montana approved a House committee bill to end Election Day voter registration, claiming they want to make things more convenient for county election officials.

Several Florida Republicans Admit Voter Fraud was Subterfuge for GOP Victory

Republicans say the Florida law that cut early voting was an intentional tactic to hand Florida to the GOP by inhibiting Democratic turnout.

When Democrats don’t show up, Republicans like Rick Scott get to hijack elections. VOTE.

Alan Diaz/Associated Press

In Florida, in 2008 8.4 million people voted; in 2010 only 5.3 million did. Margin of victory for Rick Scott? 1.2%.

An Avalanche of GOP Voter Suppression and Fraud is Threatening the Election

In America, the prospect of free and fair elections is being threatened by an avalanche of reports of voter suppression and fraud by the Republican Party.

Protect Your Vote: What You Need to Know About Voting in Virginia

Here is what you need to know in order to make sure that your vote counts on Election Day in Virginia.

Exposed: Republicans in NM Teach Poll Watchers to Break Election Law

Progress New Mexico has busted Republicans in the state teaching their poll challengers illegal tactics to challenge people at the polls.

Judge Blocks Pennsylvania Voter Suppression Law

A judge ruled that Pennsylvania's voter suppression law not be enforced this election, that those without photo IDs must be allowed to vote

Protect Your Vote: What You Need to Know to Vote in Florida

If you are part of the sane America who believes in our constitution, including the right to vote, you may want to vote in this election and be sure that it counts.

Protect Your Vote: What You Need to Know to Vote in Ohio

If you are part of the sane America who believes in our constitution, including the right to vote, you may want to vote in this election and be sure that it counts.

A Tea Party Group is Trying to Purge Thousands of Ohio Voters

The Tea Party is trying to have 2,100 people stripped of their right to vote in Ohio.

PA Officials Water Down Voter ID Law in Effort to Save It

There was a small victory for representative democracy in Pennsylvania as State Officials announced some changes to the current Voter ID requirements.

Are the Koch Brothers Borrowing from the KGB?

Lipstick Liberal explains the possible source for the tactics Republicans are using in their war on the vote.

Fox News Fail: Fox Hosts Vote Fraud Expert Who Debunks Their Voter Fraud Claims

Fox News spends their days whipping up fear of voter fraud, but today they hosted a voter fraud expert who destroyed all of their claims.