Opinion: Democracy and Bullying Don’t Mix

A small and intimidating group of self-described Bernie supporters are a stark reminder of the core reason Donald Trump has to go.  Democracy and Bullying don’t mix.

Most of the time, authoritarianism is about leveraging and abusing power against the populace for a tyrant’s personal gain. Trump did it with the Ukraine. He did it again last Friday during his meeting with New York governor Andrew Cuomo and he did it again with the wedding present he gave Stephen Miller. read more

Federal Court Bans Trump’s Plan to Intimidate Minority Voters

*The following is an opinion column by R Muse*

Over the past eight years it has been glaringly apparent that Republicans are opposed to democracy and their attempts to either obstruct or suppress voting have resulted in several federal court rulings ordering them to stop; to absolutely no effect. Fascist Donald Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party has resulted in a blatant new assault on democracy that involves Republican operatives intimidating voters at the polls and stunningly in the voting booth; according to directions from Donald Trump himself. read more