Victory for Democracy as Wisconsin and Texas Voter ID Laws Come Tumbling Down

Democracy called checkmate against Scott Walker's attempt to rig Wisconsin's vote, while a Federal Court slapped down Greg Abbott's attempt to suppress votes in Texas.

Fourth Circuit Restores Early Voting and Out of Precinct Voting in North Carolina

In a 2-1 decision, the Federal Appeals Court for the Fourth Circuit granted a temporary injunction to restore same day registration and out of precinct voting in North Carolina.

The Koch Brothers, ALEC and the GOP Are Trying To Win The Election By Destroying Democracy

Crucial to their success is Republicans' heavy dependence on one of the Koch brothers' legislative arms, the American Legislative Exchange Council, to create template legislation for Republicans to block access to voting in what can only be termed as a direct assault on America's rapidly waning democracy.

Jon Husted Freaks Out When Another Court Blocks His Latest Attempt at Vote Suppression

On Thursday, U.S. District Court Judge Peter Economus blocked the Republican Party's attempt to suppress the vote in Ohio.

Human Rights Watchdog Demands End to America’s Racial Discrimination

After a thorough examination of America's pathetic record of disparate treatment of minorities, a United Nations watchdog reported what people of color, particularly African Americans, have known first hand and all too well for decades. "Racial and ethnic discrimination remains a serious and persistent problem in all areas of life from de facto school segregation, access to health care, and housing."

NC Republicans Fight Subpoena of Voter ID Emails Saying Accountability is a “Burden”

Republicans in North Carolina are trying to quash a subpoena for emails regarding the "rationale, purpose and implementation" of House Bill 589, aka the most egregious vote suppression law in the country.

Bryan Fischer Says Only People Who Pay Taxes Have Skin in the Game, Which Leaves Out Corporations

If only tax payers have skin in the game, as Bryan Fischer says, then it's time for corporations to butt out of politics

North Carolina University Student Beats the GOP’s Vote Suppression Road Show

ECSU student Montravius King fought the GOP vote suppression effort and won in North Carolina.

This is What a Subsidiary Of The Koch Empire Looks Like

\When one looks at each law passed by the NC Republicans in isolation, it's easy to dismiss them as bad. When taken together, North Carolina is a blue print of what a Koch Empire would look like.

Ted Cruz Warns Marriage Equality Means Pastors Will Be Imprisoned

Ted Cruz (R-TX) believes that pastors will be in jail for speaking up in defense of what extremists like himself pretend is 'traditional' marriage.

Art Pope’s North Carolina Digital Gestapo

This is what North Carolina has turned into.This is what happens when conservatives get control of government and use it to intimidate opponents of the corporate owned government's policies.

The Supreme Court Strikes Down Arizona’s Discriminatory Voter ID Law

Just when the Supreme Court was becoming way too predictable, Justice Scalia wrote the 7-2 majority opinion striking down Arizona's version of a voter suppression law.

Rand Paul Lies To African Americans By Claiming He Never Opposed the Civil Rights Act

Sending Rand Paul to speak at Howard University was a disaster waiting to happen. First Paul tried (again) to deny that he ever opposed the Civil Rights Act.

What Scares Republicans More Than Paying Workers a Living Wage? Voting Rights

There's one thing that scared Republicans more than the President's SOTU remarks on the economy - his comments on voting rights.

Democracy Won in 2012 and That’s Thanks to You

All this and more happened because Americans across the country spent hours in lines, after surviving the Republican obstacle course, and voted.

What You Need to Do if You are Harassed or Denied Your Vote

This is your Election Day check list, providing you with information on everything from what to do before you leave for the polls, to what to do if you are harassed or denied your vote

Ohio’s GOP Secretary of State Pulls More Voter Suppression Out of His …. Hat

Four days before the election, Ohio's Secretary of State decided to add an extra step to the process for people who are voting with provisional ballots.

Ohio’s Election Nightmare – Courtesy of Jon Husted

Many are saying that this election hinges on Ohio. Well, if that is true, thanks to Jon Husted's new program, we may not know the results of the election until late November.

Republican Ohio Sec of State Believes Early Voting (By Democrats) is Un-American

According to Jon Husted, making the vote accessible to all eligible voters is un-American, but a look who he is trying restrict reveals that he specifically means Democrats should not vote early.

Supreme Court Rejects Ohio GOP’s Attempt to Deny Early Voting

The Supreme Court rejected Oho Secretary of State, Jon Husted's petition to restrict early voting rights during the last 3 days before the election.