Protect Your Vote: What You Need to Know About Voting in Virginia

Here is what you need to know in order to make sure that your vote counts on Election Day in Virginia.

Sproul Knew About Voter Registration Fraud for Weeks Before Getting Busted

Strategic Allied Consulting's alleged voter registration fraud problems began back in August, according to Lee County's voter Registration Director.

Protect Your Vote: What You Need to Know to Vote in Florida

If you are part of the sane America who believes in our constitution, including the right to vote, you may want to vote in this election and be sure that it counts.

A Tea Party Group is Trying to Purge Thousands of Ohio Voters

The Tea Party is trying to have 2,100 people stripped of their right to vote in Ohio.

Freedom Rider John Lewis Urges Us All To Stand Up, Speak Out, and March to the Polls

Must see video of Rep. John Lewis' profound speech about the history of the struggle for sacred right to vote, and call to march on to the voting booth Nov 6.

Are Republican Contempt Allegations Payback For Eric Holder’s Defense of Voting Rights?

Only the gullible can't see the link between Eric Holder’s aggressive persecution of voting abuses in Florida and what has happened to the Attorney General in the halls of Congress this week.

The Dirty Thirty – Occupy May Day Edition

Look at all the things wrong in America right now and then look at the GOP solutions since 2010. You will see they have no intention of fixing any real problems

Champion the Vote Champions Faith-Based Bigotry

Bill Dallas of Champion the Vote is upset that he has to explain about gays to his little daughter. His solution is to get out the vote to vote the gay away

The Republican Way of Governance is Bad Governance

On the basis of GOP legislation since 2010, it is an inescapable conclusion that Republican governance is bad governance as it consistently violates the democratic process

Another ALEC Law Bites the Dust: DOJ Kills Texas Voter ID Law

Dismantling Democracy One Disenfranchised Voter at a Time

One of the main themes from conservatives is to follow the Constitution strictly, and in fact, every civil servant and politician takes an oath to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States…so help them God. However, with God’s help or not, there are several Senators and Congressmen in the Republican Party who refuse to preserve and protect the Constitution; instead, they want to dismantle it to restrict the right to vote for the majority of Americans.