Republicans Are Now Going Door To Door To Intimidate Voters

Republicans Are Now Going Door To Door To Intimidate Voters

Republicans have gone beyond intimidating voters at drop boxes and have started going door to door to harass those who…

7 months ago

How the Dems’ Two Big Election Bills Could Save Us from Total Meltdown

Top election reform expert Alex Tausanovitch of the Center for American Progress explained what the biggest threats to American democracy…

1 year ago

Ahead of Midterms, the DNC Will Invest Millions in Voter Engagement

The DNC has announced an expansion of this successful initiative "to address and overcome efforts across the country to make…

2 years ago

Is American Democracy Coming Apart? Actually…Maybe Not

Karlyn Bowman - an expert on tracking and analyzing American public opinion at the American Enterprise Institute - says there's…

2 years ago

A New Fox Poll Shows That Trump Voters Are Less Likely to Vote in Future Elections

The Republicans have been walking quite a tightrope since the 2020 election. Donald Trump's loss, of course, was due to…

2 years ago

Opinion: Making Voting Great Again Can Literally Save Lives

In October 2018, Robert Bowers entered the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh armed with an AR-15-style assault rifle and…

3 years ago

In An Election Marked by Voter Suppression, Mike Huckabee Says Long Lines Show Americans “Care”

Images around the country show people lined up to vote, sometimes for hours, in an election that has been characterized…

3 years ago

76er’s Star Ben Simmons Wants to Help Pennsylvania Residents Properly Vote by Mail

Pennsylvania will be one of, if not the most important state when it comes to 2020's election. If Joe Biden…

3 years ago

CNN’s Collins: Trump’s Voting by Mail Claims Could Depress Republican Turnout

Donald Trump has spent much of this year's election period railing against voting by mail. He's taken this tact despite…

3 years ago

Caught on Camera: Donald Trump Makes Sure His Own Wife Votes For Him

CNN caught Republican nominee Donald Trump looking over his wife's shoulder as she voted as if he needed to verify…

7 years ago

Beware: Conservatives, Republicans And Seniors Are Most Motivated To Vote In 2016 Election

Democrats had better recognize that the GOP threat to win in 2016 is real if Democrats don't get out and…

8 years ago

Unlike Much Of The Country, California Still Solidly Blue After Midterm Elections

After a not-so-really-heated contest between the Republicans and Democrats, California still remains blue, and our State elected leaders are all…

9 years ago

Fighting Back: Democrats Leave No Stone Unturned In The Quest For Big Turnout

They said you all wouldn't turnout. They said only Republicans voted in midterms. But they had no idea how angry…

9 years ago

Chris Christie Advocates For Election Rigging By Republicans Controlling The “Voting Mechanism”

Christie may not have the anti-voter credentials of some of his Republican brethren, but he does not support the right…

9 years ago

Not Voting in 2010 Could be the Costliest Mistake Democrats Have Made In Recent History

Will Republicans use the redistricting advantages they achieved after their 2010 sweep to change the way electoral votes are apportioned?

10 years ago

It’s 2012 and Every American Should Have the Right to Vote in Timely Manner

Now that the election is over, it is time for this country to address the deplorable state of voting and…

11 years ago

Occupy Inspires me to Vote, Voting Inspires me to Occupy

The choice has never been either popular democracy or institutional change--the choice has always been do both or get neither.

11 years ago

It’s Easier to Buy Ammo Than it is to Vote

Why is it easier to buy ammunition for my rifle than it is for U.S. citizens to vote?

11 years ago

Seven Reasons Why Obama Is the Obvious Choice for Women

All women have to do to emphatically support Obama in 2012 is compare his policies to the Romney and the…

11 years ago

Zimmerman Arrested, Now What?

It’s not enough to vote for the President and leave the trench work unattended. You have the power to change…

11 years ago

2012 Primer: Wearing Down The Masses With Anti-Obama Propaganda

In the years after the President Obama's inauguration, America has been bombarded with insinuations, unfounded allegations, that are designed to…

11 years ago