Sean Hannity: People Who Are Living Paycheck to Paycheck Just Need to Work Harder

Things cost much more these days then they did back in the 1980's or 1990's. As prices have inflated, though,…

12 months ago

Trump and Cronies Lie About How Capitalism Works in Claiming Tax Cut Will Lift Wages

Celebrants of the recent tax bill have claimed, echoing Trump’s top economic advisors, that the massive corporate tax cut will…

5 years ago

Economists Line Up To Trash The Trump Administration’s New Anti-Immigrant Proposal

"Those experts broadly agreed that immigration improves the economy for the native population, even on the per-person level."

5 years ago

Bernie Sanders Urges America To Keep Fighting Trump’s Dangerous Policies, Despite Russia Chaos

A thorough and independent investigation into Trump is a top priority, but Democrats should not lose sight of issues that…

5 years ago

Republicans Think You’re Stupid And Believe They’ll Kill Trade Agreements Not Jobs

If Americans want to take out their rage over lost jobs, or stagnant wages, or the decline of the middle…

6 years ago

Koch Brothers Illegally Funnel Millions Into Campaign to Eliminate Pensions and Sick Pay

The Koch Brothers are are launching a nationwide campaign to eliminate public sector workers' wages, pensions, sick pay, workers' compensation.

9 years ago