Mississippi Man Throws Bomb In Wal-Mart To Protest Retailer Ending Confederate Flag Sales

A Mississippi man was arrested Sunday, for throwing a bomb into a Wal-Mart to protest the retailer for halting Confederate flag sales.

Let’s Not Forget Democracy And Equality In The Income Inequality Debate

Although New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is tired of hearing about increasing the minimum wage, it is worth noting that this January 1, nine states, including New Jersey, will see their minimum wages rise because of indexed increases.

Regarding Mass Shootings, The United States’ Motto Is ‘We’re Number One!’

We're number one. No, not in education, health or any other social programs, but in gun crimes. As of June 10, 2014, there have been 117 mass shootings in the United States this year.

Low Wage Work Rebellion May Finally Bring Down Our Poverty Rate

People should not work full-time for wages that put them below the poverty line, but it is all too common. Now, they're taking a stand.

Bernie Sanders Calls What Wal-Mart Has Done To America A Great Obscenity

Sen. Bernie Sanders called out the Walton family for paying Wal-Mart workers starvation wages while collecting huge government subsides. Sanders called what Wal-Mart has done a great obscenity.

Can Government Pick Up Where Unions Left Off?

With union power waning, governments are implementing workers' rights. It's time to build a national movement built on grassroots efforts.

Big Box Retailers Grab Big Data – What You Need to Know When You Shop

You may think of it as checking out but the retailer thinks of it as the data grab. That visit to a store's website? Yep, another data grab.

A Brief Summary of Corporate Depravity Shows How They Earn Our Contempt

It is all too easy to find corporate malfeasance. It is the basis of their nasty reputations, and the reason they need to be regulated.

Customers Abandon Wal-Mart As Their Treatment of Labor Wreaks Havoc on Sales

Wal-Mart's infamously poor treatment of labor is starting to negatively impact its bottom line as customers abandon the superchain's unstocked shelves, disorganized stores, and long waits for help.

Are Wal-Mart’s Financials A Light Bulb Moment?

There was a little glimmer of light in the Southern skies last week. It wasn't exactly a light bulb flashing on over Wal-Mart corporate, but it did look as though someone was fumbling with the switch.

Romney Rigs His Own ‘Relief Rally’ by Buying $5,000 Worth of Supplies

Want a photo-op with Mitt Romney just after Sandy hits New Jersey? Just grab a campaign pre-purchased jar of WalMart peanut butter and hand it to him at his 'Relief Rally' .

The Wheels Fall Off for Romney as Obama Leads with NASCAR Fans, 48%-41%

According to a new Zogby Poll the wheels are close to coming off the Romney campaign. President Obama leads Mitt Romney among NASCAR fans, 48%-41%.

Wal-Mart Dumps ALEC and Outs Them as Un-American

Wal-Mart has kicked ALEC to the curb and gave the reason as ALEC’s departure from Jeffersonian free market principles, a.k.a. Wal-Mart hinted ALEC has become un-American.

Stand Your Ground May Lose Its Legs

Stand Your Ground, a law lobbied hard by the NRA and supported by Wal-Mart may have backlash according to an attorney for the State of California.

Classless Action: Wal-Mart’s Supreme Court War On Workers

The U.S. Supreme Court is going to announce whether or not they will hear a job bias case against Wal-Mart Inc. for discriminating against women, and whether the case will be heard as a class action lawsuit. Wal-Mart claims that one case cannot speak for thousands of employees’ complaints and the lawsuits should be handled individually. Wal-Mart has been joined by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and several large corporations in seeking to end class action lawsuits.