House GOP Will Vote To Give Wall Street A Major Handout And Risk Another Great Recession

Republicans in the House of Representatives are about to dismantle financial reforms enacted by President Obama after the Great Recession.

Wall Street-Owned GOP Threatening To Take Obama’s Retirement Money Because Of $400K Speech

Even when Barack Obama isn't in the White House, Republicans in Congress are trying to bring him down.

Senate Democrat Promises To ‘Raise Hell’ To Protect The Coal Workers Trump Has Abandoned

Trump conned coal miners in order to win the White House, but Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown promises not to let him get away with it.

Fill The Swamp: Trump White House Has Combined Net Worth Of $12 Billion

Now we know why many of Trump's proposals, from his disastrous health care legislation to his proposed budget cuts, would hurt the "little guy" and benefit the wealthy.

A Goldman Sachs ‘Foreclosure King’ Is Officially Running Trump’s Treasury Department

Wall Street executive Steve Mnuchin was officially sworn in as treasury secretary on Monday.

Don’t Be Fooled – Clinton Is Well-Versed in Dealing with Wall Street and Banks

"In 2007 I was alarmed and called for addressing risks of derivatives, cracking down on subprime mortgages and improving financial oversight."

President Obama’s New Wall Street Rule Prompts Greedy AIG To Bail Out

obama wall street reform

Instead of adhering to the new Obama Department of Labor rule, AIG is selling the AIG Advisor Group to a Canadian pension investment manager

Bernie Sanders Laughs At Wall Street’s Absurd Attempt To Blame Him For Market Drop

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders laughed out loud at Wall Street's attempt to blame his presidential candidacy for the drop in global markets.

Cruz Concealed Goldman Sachs Campaign Loan While Criticizing Wall Street In Senate Run

Cruz's actions, which his spokesperson now claims were "inadvertant," show that he is a hypocrite as well as dishonest

Hillary Clinton Was Assailing Wall Street Before It Was Politically Expedient

Clinton warned us a year before the true nature of Wall Street and the financial sector's malfeasance manifested in a worldwide recession

Hillary Clinton Takes A Stand Against Wall Street’s Dark Influence

Hillary Clinton took aim at Wall Street's dark influence over D.C. by supporting Sen. Tammy Baldwin's bill to end the revolving door enabled by golden parachutes.

Jeb Bush Made Millions Giving Investors Billions Of Florida Pension Funds To Lose

For Florida taxpayers, their trust in then-Governor Jeb Bush to protect their lifelong pension savings was wasted when he forged a highly-profitable relationship with Lehman Brothers that made Lehman and Bush millions. That special relationship was ultimately a certifiable disaster for Florida public employees.

Bernie Sanders Storms CNBC and Slams The Sick Greed Of Wall Street

Bernie Sanders did something that no other politician does. The Democratic presidential candidate went on CNBC and criticized the sick greed of Wall Street.

Bernie Sanders Drops A Truth Bomb On Wall St: Criminal Fraud Is The Big Banks’ Business Model

Bernie Sanders reacted to the news that the big banks pled guilty to manipulating currency markets by blunting saying that fraud is the business model on Wall Street.

Bernie Sanders Is Terrifying Wall Street By Pushing Hillary Clinton To The Left

Wall Street is openly worrying that Bernie Sanders is pushing Hillary Clinton to the left by calling for the biggest banks in America to be broken up.

Bernie Sanders Delivers A Body Blow To Wall St With New Bill To Break Up The Big Banks

Sen. Bernie Sanders is taking on Wall Street directly with a new bill that would break up the nation's "too big to fail" banks.

Defiant Elizabeth Warren Tells Wall Street If They Want To Fight Her, “Bring It On”

Elizabeth Warren citigroup

Before a packed room in a Manhattan Barnes & Noble bookstore, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) refused to back off her criticism of Wall Street, after some of the big banks hinted that they could withhold campaign funds from Senate Democrats.

Elizabeth Warren Is On The Verge Of Pushing Big Banks Out Of Senate Democratic Campaigns

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's (D-MA) impact on Senate Democratic leadership is quickly being felt, as the nation's largest banks are considering pulling their donations from Senate Democratic campaigns.

Critics Claim Hillary Has an Income Inequality Problem

Have we really reached the point where asking the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes is a form of vilification?