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Opinion: How The GOP Used Trump, And Why They Can Dump Him And Still Harm America

They aren’t dumping Trumpism, just Trump. Indeed, what some pundits have termed Trumpism is really just what mainstream Republican politics…

5 months ago

Wall Street Journal Editorial Board Responds to Trump’s Criticism: “Thanks for the Attention”

The editorial board of The Wall Street Journal responded to former President Donald Trump after he criticized their coverage of him…

2 years ago

Opinion: McConnell Denies Reality And Abandons Americans In Real Need

Watching the senate, under the callous and inhumane rule of Mitch McConnell, fail to respond sufficiently and urgently to the…

2 years ago

Wall Street Journal: Trump’s Murder Allegations Against Scarborough Are “Ugly, Even For Him”

The reliably conservative Wall Street Journal's editorial board criticized President Donald Trump in an editorial this morning, calling his murder…

3 years ago

Conservative Commentator Accuses Democrats of Hijacking #MeToo Movement

The conservative assault on women’s basic human rights just doesn’t stop. And just as the GOP hired Arizona-based sex-crimes prosecutor…

4 years ago

WSJ Tells Republicans Good Luck Running on Trump’s Tariffs in November

On Sunday we reported that “Trump's trade war is hitting the agricultural Midwest hard as farmers in eight of the…

4 years ago

Trump and Cronies Lie About How Capitalism Works in Claiming Tax Cut Will Lift Wages

Celebrants of the recent tax bill have claimed, echoing Trump’s top economic advisors, that the massive corporate tax cut will…

5 years ago

Trump’s Lawyers Wanted Jared Kushner To Step Down Over Shady Russia Connections

A number of the president's lawyers wanted Kushner out, worrying that he would become a legal liability as the special…

5 years ago

GOP Approval Takes Double-Digit Nosedive After Trump, Republicans Accomplish Nothing In 100 Days

As the GOP-controlled government continues to wage war on middle-class Americans, this number will likely get worse.

6 years ago

The Wall Street Journal Turns on Donald Trump With Blistering Editorial

"The President clings" to his false wiretapping claims "like a drunk to an empty gin bottle," say the editors of…

6 years ago

Wall Street Journal Enables Trump Dishonesty by Not Calling His Lies “Lies”

"I’d be careful about using the word ‘lie.’ ‘Lie’ implies much more than just saying something that’s false. It implies…

6 years ago

Fearing Corrupt White House, WSJ Tells Trump To Liquidate All Assets

"Donald Trump promised to change Washington's culture of self-dealing, and if he wants to succeed he's going to have to…

6 years ago

Conservative Newspaper Joins The Chorus Calling For James Comey to Resign

F.B.I. directors are supposed to be above politics, not in them. Mr. Comey has to do the right thing -…

6 years ago

Fact Check: Republicans Are Lying About Obama’s “Secret” $400 Million Payment To Iran

Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus claimed President Obama “secretly gave the Iranians $400M at the same time 4 Americans…

6 years ago

Report: Hillary Clinton Likely To Pick Tim Kaine As Her Running Mate

According to the Wall Street Journal, Clinton is close to choosing the Spanish-speaking Virginia senator.

6 years ago

Peggy Noonan Says Linking Climate Change and Terrorism Makes Bernie Sanders Look “Daffy”

Despite all the evidence he is 100% correct about the connection between climate change and terrorism, Noonan thinks Sanders sounds…

7 years ago

The Koch Brothers Complain About Buying Low Quality Republicans Who Lack Substance

The Koch brothers have no right to complain about the tone of Republican politics because it is exactly what they…

7 years ago

Wall Street Journal Warns Republicans Are Greatest Threat To America’s Economy

WSJ economists are fearful that Republicans will repeat their past "serious damage to the economy by harming consumer confidence"

7 years ago

Survey: Americans Prefer A Gay President Over An Evangelical

It turns out that not only are Americans not the least bit enamored at the prospect of an evangelical fanatic…

8 years ago

Debunking The Lie That Obama Was Forced To Apologize For The Deaths of 2 US Hostages

Republicans and the media are accusing President Obama of being forced to apologize for the deaths of two Americans who…

8 years ago