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Ron DeSantis Is Having His Secret Police Trained By Company Employing An Accused War Criminal

Ron DeSantis Is Having His Secret Police Trained By Company Employing An Accused War Criminal

Governor Ron DeSantis' (R-Fla) administration has hired a company whose CEO supports the Governor's presidential campaigns and specializes in combat…

6 months ago

MAGA Goes Silent As Arrest Warrant Issued For Putin War Crimes

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued an arrest warrant for Russian president Vladimir Putin for war crimes.

1 year ago

Biden Shows Republicans How Wrong They Were As He Calls For Putin War Crimes Trial

President Biden called for Vladimir Putin to be charged with war crimes as Russians massacre civilians in Ukraine.

2 years ago

Harris Condemns Russia’s Attacks on Ukrainian Civilians as War Crimes

Vice President Kamala Harris, speaking during a trip to Romania, unequivocally stated that intentional attacks against civilians are considered war…

2 years ago

Harris: Russia Should “Absolutely” Be Investigated for War Crimes in Ukraine

Vice President Kamala Harris said that Russia should "absolutely" be investigated for war crimes that have been committed in the…

2 years ago

Putin Could Face War Crimes Charges As International Criminal Court Opens Investigation

International Criminal Court Prosecutor, Karim A.A. Khan has announced that he will open an investigation into Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

2 years ago

Opinion: We’re On The Brink Of War With Iran Because Pompeo Was Sad

Trump escalated a conflict with Iran because the president needed something to brag about and the Secretary of State was…

4 years ago

Opinion: Trump Aims To Weaken The Courts By Pardoning War Criminals

Anyone who thinks Donald Trump hasn’t changed America is not paying attention. Trump is consolidating power before our eyes.  Only…

5 years ago

Opinion: Normalizing War Crimes Endangers Our Troops

Roy Arpaio openly bragged about his concentration camps for immigrants. When Donald Trump pardoned him, it made a mockery not…

5 years ago

With his Presidency in Disarray, Trump Scheduled to Attend Summit With An Indicted War Criminal

Even before Trump leaves on his first trip abroad as President, that trip is tainted because Trump will attend a…

7 years ago

Draft Executive Order Calls for a Return to the Barbaric Days of Torture and Dark Sites

If Trump signs the order, the results will be the polar opposite of his jingoistic claim to “make America safe…

7 years ago

Republicans Join With Democrats In A Rare Bipartisan Senate Effort To Ban Torture

The vote in the Republican-controlled Senate on Monday was an overwhelming bipartisan statement that the President's 2009 executive order banning…

9 years ago

Critics of American Sniper Chris Kyle Threatened with Violence and Rape Fantasies

'It was my duty to shoot the enemy, and I don't regret it. My regrets are for the people I…

9 years ago

Dick Cheney and Evangelical Christians Epitomize Dark Age Barbarism  

Instead of shame and humiliation that this government condoned and defended myriad human rights violations, one of the architects of…

9 years ago

New York Times Editorial Calls for Investigation and Prosecution of Torturers in Bush Administration

The Times says this is "about ensuring that this never happens again and regaining the moral credibility to rebuke torture…

9 years ago

Republicans Condemn North Korean Human Rights Violations While Ignoring Their Own

The hypocrisy of this nation co-sponsoring a resolution condemning anyone country for human rights abuses (torture) is beyond the pale.…

9 years ago

Senate CIA Torture Report Still Protects Bush War Criminals

As one would expect from criminals, many Republicans, George W. Bush, and former Bush administration officials in charge of the…

9 years ago

Former Tea Party Congressman Says Americans Should Be Proud We Engage In Torture

Former Republican Congressman and current conservative radio host Joe Walsh appeared on CNN Wednesday morning to discuss his tweets and…

9 years ago

Senate Fights To Release Report Detailing Bush-Cheney’s CIA Torture Program

The chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee responsible for the report, Senator Dianne Feinstein, is incensed over the CIA's fight…

10 years ago

John Yoo Uses the Pretense of Diversity to Defend the Torture Program

Under the pretense of defending diversity, Bush torture policy guru John Yoo came out in favor of a diversity of…

11 years ago

During Confirmation Hearing Brennan Confirms Torture Did not Lead Us to Bin Laden

During questioning by Senator Diane Feinstein at his confirmation hearing, John Brennan confirmed once again that torture did not lead…

11 years ago

Will Romney Zing Obama with Torture?

There is one policy area in which Mitt Romney has remained consistent: namely his support of the Bush era torture…

12 years ago

Romney’s Foreign Policy: A Cruel Joke on Humanity

Romney's desire to take us back to the Bush Administration's foreign policy is a reminder that politics plays cruel jokes…

12 years ago