Jeff Sessions’ Own Task Force Kills His Buzz On Legalized Pot Crackdown

Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants to attack the legal marijuana industry, but the AG's own task force has shot him down.

Surprise! Republican Senator Rand Paul Praises Eric Holder On Drug Policy

Speaking in Iowa on Friday, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R) offered unexpected praise for outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder.

President Obama Demonstrates Statesmanship to Republicans in Meeting Mexico’s President

President Obama and Mexican president, Enrique Peña Nieto, talked yesterday about various issues involving the two countries, including Cuba, immigration, drug war violence and border security

Oregon Initiative Is A Blueprint For National Marijuana Legalization

Regardless what one thinks about marijuana use, whether for recreational purposes or for its many medicinal applications, the time has come to seriously consider putting an end to its criminalization nationwide.

Marijuana is Illegal Because It Is a Major Source of Funding For Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officials have been staunch opponents of legalizing the weed for personal or medicinal use because as contraband, it is a major source of funding for law enforcement.

Criminalizing Students Cripples Their Future and Lines the Pockets of the Corrections Industry

The alarming trend of criminalizing youth will only lead to increased criminal behavior, but the prison industry is eager for the business