War on Women

Opinion: Resisting Trump’s Attack on America

My point then and today is we have to believe that we will prevail over Trump. Otherwise, we may as…

3 years ago

Trump Justice Dept. Launches Investigation Into Planned Parenthood Based On Debunked Conspiracy

When a conspiracy theorist is elected President of the United States, these are the things you can expect to happen.

4 years ago

Opinion: Woman’s Conviction For Laughing At Jeff Sessions Is Sexism In Action

It is particularly noteworthy to mention that while then-Senator Jeff Sessions blatantly committed perjury under oath before the Senate, he…

5 years ago

It’s No Surprise That Sexual Assaulter In Chief Trump’s Healthcare Bill Punishes Women

Trumpcare takes us back to the days before Obamacare, when rape and abuse victims were afraid to report the crime…

5 years ago

Opinion: Iowa Wages War On Women’s Autonomy

This bill wasn’t written with the intent to protect or govern on the side of the woman. It was written…

5 years ago

Women Are Stalked and Accosted For Daring To Use Women’s Bathrooms

"I wanted to make sure she was going to the right place. Because in times like these, you can never…

6 years ago

Missouri GOP Threatens Jail If Planned Parenthood Fails to Turn Over Patient Records

"Republicans want to provide extremists with a road map to every woman in the state who's exercised her constitutional right…

6 years ago

Cruel Texas Republicans Force Women To Deliver Dead Babies

Even in extremely dangerous pregnancies, Doctors are forbidden to induce labor because Texas considers it an abortion

6 years ago

Red State Radicalism Thrives Against Women and No-One Cares

While Americans focus on the primaries, Republicans are eliminating women's rights.

6 years ago

Cowardly Americans Tremble In Fear While A Courageous Nun Defends Women

The GOP is opposed to providing for the general welfare of anyone but corporations, the filthy rich, and especially the…

6 years ago

With Koch Funding, Kansas Republicans Pass Nation’s First Abortion Procedure Ban

Kansas' religious Republicans are so intent on proving they will go to any length to protect a fetus that they…

7 years ago

Republicans Admit Hobby Lobby Ruling Is Religious Tyranny Meant to Control Women

Republicans claim their abominable legislation overturning a Washington D.C. anti-discrimination statute that prohibited religious employers from punishing women who use…

7 years ago

Religious Freedom Law Endangered The Health of a Georgia Woman

This week a story in Georgia illustrates just how dangerous religious tyranny posing as religious freedom can be to the…

7 years ago

S.C. Says Constitution Allows Discrimination Against Women So Gay Discrimination Is Okay

The crux of South Carolina's argument in support of discriminating against gays is that if it constitutionally permissible to discriminate…

7 years ago

Hey, Religious “Freedom” Laws Open The Door To Discrimination Against Women Too

One day people will wake up and wonder why they can no longer get the pill in their state, let…

7 years ago

The Real Unseen Danger of Indiana’s Legal Discrimination Law

It is why although the law appears only to target the LGBT community and allow the 'faithful' to legally punish…

7 years ago

McConnell Promises Republicans Will Escalate The Religious War on Women

Now, the Republicans' first order of business with Mitch McConnell sharing Senate Majority Leader duties with Ted Cruz is precisely…

7 years ago

The Koch Brothers Fund Religious Groups That Are Eliminating Women’s Rights

To accomplish their goal of controlling the government, the Koch brothers have had to climb in bed with fundamentalist Christians…

7 years ago

Catholic Bishops Expanding the Scope of the Hobby Lobby Ruling

It appears nothing short of an outright ban, and criminalization, of all forms of birth control will satisfy the United…

7 years ago

Can You Hear Me Now? GOP Poll Finds Women Are Not Impressed with Republicans

Karl Rove and other Republicans needed to commission a poll to tell them that women see Republicans as "intolerant," "lacking…

7 years ago

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