Democrats Move To Take Away Trump’s Power To Start A War With Iran

Trump war Iran

Led by Sen. Tom Udall (D-NM) a group of Senators is pushing to add an amendment to the NDAA that would take away Trump's power to start a war with Iran.

Boehner Says Obama’s Unwillingness to Attack Iran Shows a Lack of Commitment to Democracy

There is no low Republicans will not sink to when they are deprived of the opportunity to launch another baseless attack an innocent nation

Obama’s Diplomacy Wins As Iran Keeps Up Their Part of Nuclear Deal

President Obama has sought a diplomatic solution to Iran's nuclear threat, and yesterday, diplomacy won a small victory as Iran kept up their part of the historic agreement and began scaling back their nuclear facilities.

Senate Hypocrites Ignore Our Needs at Home But Help Israel Push For War With Iran

Republicans can hardly be bothered to do much in the way of meaningful legislation, and yet they find time to come up with a bill that does nothing except elevate the danger of another war.

Romney’s War With Iran Rhetoric Jeopardizes Both Israel and the United States

Regardless of his motives, Mitt Romney is not looking out for America's best interests and by extension, jeopardizes Israel's security every time he talks about war with Iran.

When It Comes to War Mitt Romney is George W. Bush With Magic Underwear

If Willard Romney controls the world's most powerful military will repeat the Iraq and Afghanistan disasters because he is, after all, just George W. Bush with magic underwear.

GOP Dishonors Veterans’ Sacrifice with Benefit Cuts and Privatized Healthcare Schemes

America promised its veterans to provide health care after their sacrifice and service, and the GOP dishonors them by cutting their benefits and promoting privatizing their health care.

Senate Republicans Reject Peace and Push for War With Iran

Senate Republicans have diminished the chances of a peaceful resolution to the Iran nuclear situation, and one cannot help but believe that is their true motivation.

From Draft Dodging to War Mongering Mitt Romney is George W. Bush

If Romney were not a coward, he would campaign as Bush incarnate and promise voters to exceed Bush's malfeasance and record of unprovoked war and economic destruction.

No Coincidence: Republicans Pushing For War With Iran Are Big Oil’s Best Friends

It is no coincidence that the Republicans pushing for war with Iran are also the same folks who do the bidding of the oil industry in Congress.

Draft Dodger Romney Misfires On Obama Jab And Insults U.S. Veterans

While attempting to criticize Obama's commitment to the military, Mitt Romney managed to insult every veteran who has bravely served.

Without Saying His Name The 2012 GOP Field Promises A Return To Bush

Each of the 2012 GOP presidential hopefuls has, at some point, promised to return to Bush-era policies.

Republicans Turn Their Attention Back To Inciting War With Iran

Republicans have begun pushing for a war with Iran, and are using Israel’s defense and Iran’s nuclear program as a reason to engage in another war against another Islamic nation. The Republican’s drumbeat for war is a continuation of the George W. Bush “Crusade” that led America into a prolonged, costly war with Iraq.