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Washington Post Columnist: Mitch McConnell “Is Laughing at Our Nation’s Suffering”

In a piece for The Washington Post, regular contributor Helaine Olen writes that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) “is laughing at our nation’s suffering,” saying that his behavior in “response to the economic catastrophe that has resulted from the pandemic is full-on contempt for the suffering and needy.” To that end, Olen points out that…

Trump Fox News Racism

New Report Claims Trump Also Called Soldiers Missing in Action “Losers”

A new report from the Washington Post appears to confirm reporting that Donald Trump has mocked and criticized military veterans as well as U.S. troops missing in action. Following an article published Thursday in The Atlantic, the Post reported on Friday that their sources had confirmed Trump’s attacks on military members and called them “losers.” “A former senior administration…


WaPo Editorial Board Rips Trump’s Coronavirus Response: “Virus is Not Under Control; It is In Control”

The Washington Post editorial board issued a harsh rebuke of President Donald Trump’s coronavirus response, particularly as he has attempted to downplay the severity of the pandemic as case numbers reach record highs. “The reality is that the virus is not under control; it is in control,” the newspaper’s editorial board wrote. “Record-shattering numbers of new cases were…


Opinion: Democracy Dies at Amazon, Are Trump and Bezos Really Such Strange Bedfellows?

Recently Pulitzer Prize-winning reporters for The Washington Post Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig published their assessment of Donald Trump’s presidency to date, seeking to step out of the news cycle and “assess the reverberations” of his administration throughout the nation. Titled A Very Stable Genius: Donald J. Trump’s Testing of America, the book layers scene…


“Liberal Elite” Washington Post Advances Fox’s Miranda Lies

The Washington Post, that “liberal elite” paper, is following in Fox’s footsteps by regurgitating false Miranda information, suggesting that Miranda rights are optional and should not be employed with suspected terrorists, even if said suspect is an American citizen. Fox News has long advanced the claim that reading Abdulmutallab Miranda rights compromised the government’s ability to get information. This, of course, was not an issue for Fox when the Bush administration handled the suspected terrorists the exact same way. When they’re not trying to terrorize Americans into voting for them, the Right is trying to terrorize Americans into giving away all of their freedoms.

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