California Suffers Historic Drought While Oil Industry Wastes 2 Million Gallons of Water Daily

To make matters that much worse, the over 2 million gallons of toxic water the oil and gas industry disposes…

8 years ago

Corporate Greed Forces First City In California To Run Out Of Water

For several California cities, that corporate greed is finally paying dividends, and not the good kind, leaving them without water.

9 years ago

Gov. Rick Snyder’s Emergency Manager Is Denying Poor People Running Water In Detroit

A coalition working with organizations and activists the world over to promote water as a basic human right filed a…

9 years ago

Doubts About the Safety of West Virginia Drinking Water As Republicans Push Deregulation

As doubts remain about the safety of West Virginia drinking water, Republicans were so certain there are sufficient regulations to…

9 years ago

The Gathering Danger of Marco (Polo!) Rubio

Marco Rubio is clearly picking up the mantle of the "NEW" Republican't Party by putting a new, watery-smooth face on…

10 years ago