Donald Trump Whines Because ISIS Cuts off Heads, We Should be Able to Waterboard

"We can’t do waterboarding, it’s far too tough! We’re fighting on a different level! we have to be tough...and in some cases pretty vicious"

Ben Carson Goes Off The Deep End By Claiming Not Torturing People Is Political Correctness

ben carson torture abc this week

Ben Carson made the stunning claim that upholding international law by not torturing people is caving to political correctness.

Carly Fiorina Defends Government Sponsored Torture And Surveillance

Fiorina's claim that "waterboarding was used when there was no other way to get information that was necessary" contradicts the evidence

Dick Cheney and Evangelical Christians Epitomize Dark Age Barbarism  

Instead of shame and humiliation that this government condoned and defended myriad human rights violations, one of the architects of torture, Dick Cheney and several Bush officials hit the airwaves defending torture with overwhelming support from the religious right.

New York Times Editorial Calls for Investigation and Prosecution of Torturers in Bush Administration

dick cheney meet the press war crimes

The Times says this is "about ensuring that this never happens again and regaining the moral credibility to rebuke torture by other governments"

Republicans Condemn North Korean Human Rights Violations While Ignoring Their Own

The hypocrisy of this nation co-sponsoring a resolution condemning anyone country for human rights abuses (torture) is beyond the pale. Particularly in light of the recent Senate Intelligence Report verifying what the world has known for several years; America is guilty of committing gross human rights abuses on its own citizens and "suspected terrorists" held in captivity.

Former Tea Party Congressman Says Americans Should Be Proud We Engage In Torture

Former Republican Congressman and current conservative radio host Joe Walsh appeared on CNN Wednesday morning to discuss his tweets and comments in the aftermath of the release of the Senate's report on the CIA's use of torture.

Senate Fights To Release Report Detailing Bush-Cheney’s CIA Torture Program

The chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee responsible for the report, Senator Dianne Feinstein, is incensed over the CIA's fight to release the report which included revelations the CIA spied on and infiltrated the Senate committee investigating the Bush-Cheney torture program.

Obama’s Use of Drones is Not Analogous to Bush’s Torture Program

The comparison to Bush's torture program is categorically false - not only from a legal standpoint on the use of drones vs. the use of torture, but also with respect to transparency and oversight.

During Confirmation Hearing Brennan Confirms Torture Did not Lead Us to Bin Laden

During questioning by Senator Diane Feinstein at his confirmation hearing, John Brennan confirmed once again that torture did not lead us to bin Laden.

John McCain’s Tortured Humor About Waterboarding

After noting that he intends to interrogate Kerry mercilessly, McCain went on to say. 'We will bring back for the only time waterboarding to get the truth out of him.'

Will Romney Zing Obama with Torture?

There is one policy area in which Mitt Romney has remained consistent: namely his support of the Bush era torture policy.

An American Disgrace: Convicted War Criminals Bush and Cheney Remain Free

Watch the Arguments For the Bush Torture Program Self Destruct

If successful, torture would not produce results faster than methods that are more compatible with our values, morals and the law.

Bill O’Reilly Advocates that the CIA Kidnap Harry Reid and Waterboard Nancy Pelosi

While on his Bold and Fresh Tour with Glenn Beck in Waterbery, NY over the weekend, Fox News' Bill O'Reilly claimed that he told Obama to hire him as his special advisor, and as Obama's special advisor he would tell the CIA to kidnap Harry Reid and to waterboard Nancy Pelosi.

Former GOP Rep. Ney Challenges Alberto Gonzales to Try Waterboarding

On his radio show today, former Rep. Bob Ney challenged former attorney general Alberto Gonzales to still defend waterboarding as not torture, after he tried it. Ney said, "If Alberto Gonzales wants to clear his name by saying he didn't cooperate in torture, then let him try it himself."

Sean Hannity: Anyone Who Opposes Waterboading is a Fool

Sean Hannity said on his radio show that you have to be a fool to oppose waterboarding, but yet Sean still hasn't followed through with his promise to be waterboarded for charity, so the only fool I see here is Sean Hannity.

Jesse Ventura Volunteers to Waterboard Dick Cheney

Jesse Ventura was on Larry King Live last night discussing waterboarding. As a former Navy Seal, Ventura had been waterboarded. He called the tactic torture and drowning. He also volunteered to waterboard Dick Cheney. He said that under waterboarding he could get Cheney to confess to the Sharon Tate murders.

Wanda Sykes Takes on Sean Hannity’s Promise to be Waterboarded

Comedian Wanda Sykes performed at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner, and while she did a great job poking fun at the Obama's some her best material was reserved for Sean Hannity and his offer to be waterboarded for charity. Check out the video.