Republican NRA Suckers Get Conned As Wayne LaPierre Spends $200K On Beverly Hills Suits

The NRA board let Wayne LaPierre charge $440,000 to the "nonprofit," $200,000 of which was for suits. Suits he bought in Beverly Hills. Oh, and trips! He spent $240,000 on trips to Italy, Hungary, and the Bahamas, and charged the NRA "without providing adequate documentation."

NRA Defends Trump With $3 Million Anti-Clinton Ad After 2nd Amendment Remark

The NRA is coming to Trump’s defense spending millions of dollars to spread lies about Hillary Clinton because they know he will do their bidding."

Donald Trump Comes Up With A Gun Plan That’s So Crazy Even The NRA Won’t Support It

Donald Trump's plan to allow drunk people to have guns in bars to "prevent terrorism" is so crazy that two top NRA officials rejected it on national television.

BUSTED: NRA Hypocrite Wayne LaPierre Supported Closing All Loopholes Back in 1999

The NRA's Wayne LaPierre was in favor of universal background checks and closing all loopholes -- way back in 1999.

A Murder Here, A Suicide There, Ask Republicans If They Care!

In yet another senseless gun episode, a highly respected, accomplished and beloved professor, Raja Fayad, was shot to death on campus on the afternoon of Thursday, February 5, 2015.

Why Ferguson Is Also, And Again, About Guns

What's happening in Ferguson, and rattling the cages of strained municipalities throughout the country, is, of course, about our complicated and corrosive attitudes about race. And yes, always and forever when it comes to public safety and the senseless loss of life on American streets, it's about guns.

NRA Reacts To Nine Year Old With Uzi Shooting Her Instructor: Kids Just Wanna Have Fun

Every day the headlines contain a few stories about gun related deaths.

Republican Governors Declare War on Civilized Society

The law defining Georgia as an uncivilized society takes effect on July 1, and among other absurdities legalizes silencers for hunting (human beings).

20 Dead Children Are Not Enough to Keep Republicans from Filibustering

The fact that polls show the vast majority of Americans want stronger gun laws means absolutely nothing to Republicans, because citizens don't affect their cash reserves.

New Poll: 85% of Gun Owners Support the Background Checks in Senate Dems Bill

Created by Democratic Underground

It turns out the"liberal extremists" that Wayne LaPierre warned were pushing background check legislation are 85% of U.S. gun owners.

Wayne LaPierre Claims That Guns Prevent Rape

Wayne LaPierre has adopted a new strategy to oppose any changes in gun laws that would prevent mass shootings. LaPierre is now claiming that arming women will prevent rapes.

Wayne LaPierre Gets so Crazy that Even Fox News Calls Out His BS

Wayne LaPierre went so far off the crazy cliff today, that even Fox News had to call out his conspiracy laden BS.

As Wayne LaPierre Testified Against Gun Control, Another Multiple Shooting Occurred in Phoenix, AZ

While Wayne LaPierre was testifying against gun control in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee at least three people in Phoenix, AZ were victimized in another multiple shooting.

Giffords/Kelly PAC a Missed Opportunity for Gun Reform

Ya gotta love Gabby Giffords and her remarkable husband Mark Kelly. But on Tuesday they blew it.

Focusing NRA Fight on Sandy Hook Could Lose the Battle for Sensible Gun Policy

Now we have this universal outpouring of grief and revulsion and we also have a problem. The known facts about the event and the killer himself could mitigate against meaningful changes.