WATCH: Ben Carson Suggests Welfare Has Hurt Black Americans More Than Slavery

Most of Donald Trump 2016 opponents for the Republican nomination fought him until the end. Ben Carson, though, capitulated earlier…

1 year ago

It is Time To Drug Test Corporate and Religious Welfare Recipients

If we are going to drug-test poor people to reduce the deficit, let’s start on the other end of the…

6 years ago

Republican Welfare Reform Pushed A Third Of America’s Children Into Extreme Poverty

The economy is growing for the extremely wealthy, but there were 3 million more children living in extreme poverty in…

7 years ago

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback Stealing Is From Welfare Recipients To Enrich Banks

Brownback's Republicans have imposed an inordinately cruel measure to steal taxpayer money from welfare recipients and hand it to the…

8 years ago

John Boehner To Hold Tax Repeal Vote To Increase Welfare For the Rich

Speaker of the House John Boehner will hold a vote to repeal the "Estate Tax" and give the very richest…

8 years ago

Bully Sam Brownback Stomps On The Poor While Living Off Of His Wife’s Millions

The Kansas legislature is about to pass a bill that is a piece of paper-hate directed at the poor. Hate…

8 years ago

Eliminating Poverty Is More Than Just Putting Dollars In The Pockets Of The Poor

An implicit goal of the War on Poverty was to make the US a true meritocracy, and in this sense,…

9 years ago

Liberals Have Fought Alone Since the War on Poverty Ended in 1980

The snide satisfaction conservatives gloat in their declaration that the War on Poverty failed is apropos given how they sabotaged…

9 years ago

Jon Stewart Hammers Conservatives For Their Hypocrisy On Income Inequality

Jon Stewart came out with both barrels blazing on Thursday night's episode of The Daily Show. He had the right-wing…

9 years ago

Judge Sticks It to Rick Scott By Ruling Drug Testing of Welfare Recipients Unconstitutional

On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Mary Scriven struck down a 2011 Florida law requiring welfare applicants to undergo drug tests.

9 years ago

On This Thanksgiving, A Long-Term Poverty Survivor Gives Thanks

Liberals can take a moment to pat themselves on the back. There are poor people everywhere who are grateful for…

9 years ago

Low Wage Work Rebellion May Finally Bring Down Our Poverty Rate

People should not work full-time for wages that put them below the poverty line, but it is all too common.…

9 years ago

Republicans Decide The Best Way To Help Poor Children Is To Give Them Less Food

Republicans are actively pursuing policies that target and punish the poor, or purposely keep them downtrodden as a punitive measure…

10 years ago

It’s ALEC Not President Obama That is Trampling Constitutional Rights

There is a group of Americans attempting to force a segment of the population to give up their constitutional rights…

10 years ago

A Revealing Look at Racism’s Role in Which Party White People Support

Ever since Democrats passed the Civil Rights Act and championed policies supporting minorities, whites have been defecting from the party.

10 years ago

The Dreams of Romney-Ryan Are Dangerous to Nearly Everyone

This ticket will absolutely depend on low-information voters enamored with right wing media. In point of fact, the vast majority…

10 years ago

Anti-Big Government GOP Passes the Tab For Nuclear Disasters On To Taxpayers

The GOP hates big government, but they love the Price-Anderson Act which is an insurance program that allows nuclear power…

11 years ago

Georgia Republicans Pushing Drug Testing Refuse To Be Tested

Even though Georgia Republicans are trying to force mandatory drug testing on the state's moms, they refuse to be tested…

11 years ago

Conservatives Blow Off the Constitution to Degrade Poor People

Despite the fact it violates the Constitution, conservatives across the country keep proposing bills to test poor people seeking government…

11 years ago

Georgians Tell Republicans Pushing Drug Testing Mandate, ‘You Pee First!’

Better Georgia is helping voters send a simple, direct message to Gov. Nathan Deal and his Republican allies who are…

11 years ago