Texas Democrats Stall, Run Out The Clock On Republican Anti-Gay Marriage Bill

A GOP effort to prohibit issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples in Texas, failed to come to a vote on Friday.

Ted Nugent Observes Veterans Day By Calling Animal Rights Activists “Subhuman Mongrels”

Draft-dodging ammosexual Ted Nugent went back to the well and reused a favorite insult of his when he referred to animal rights activists as "subhuman mongrels" on Tuesday.

Militia Member Met With Greg Abbott Days Before His Arrest On Illegal Weapons Charges

K.C. Massey, a member of a militia that 'patrols' the Texas border, met with and posed for photos with Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbot just four days before his arrest on illegal weapons charges.

Hillary Clinton Endorses “Tough and Strong” Wendy Davis For Texas Governor

Hillary Clinton has endorsed Wendy Davis for Texas governor. Clinton called Davis a tough and strong campaigner who never backs down.

Republicans: Women Problem? What Women Problem?

Nothing wrong with an exclusive and hate-filled Republican message. Just with the people who aren't sufficiently white, male, and Christian.

Republicans Amp Up The Fire and Brimstone By “Joking” That Wendy Davis Is Going To Hell

"Hear the one about Wendy Davis going to hell?" At an event held at a Tex-Mex restaurant in Frisco, Greg Abbott was introduced by apparent jester-in-chief, state Rep. Pat Fallon.

Prominent Tea Partier Says Michael Brown’s Parents Received ‘Taxpayer-Funded Abortion’

Former executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party Todd Kincannon sent out a tweet Wednesday evening saying Michael Brown's parents shouldn't be upset because they are pro-choice Democrats and "they got a taxpayer-funded abortion."

Texas Voter Turnout Was Higher On Its First Day of Early Voting Than It Was In 2010

Wendy Davis with help from groups that support her is leading the way in the people's fight against vote suppression.

Even Fox Defends Wendy Davis Ad About Abbott’s History of War Against Justice For Texans

The focus of Davis' latest ad is to chronicle Abbott's history of believing in justice for some while denying it to others.

Victory for Democracy as Wisconsin and Texas Voter ID Laws Come Tumbling Down

Democracy called checkmate against Scott Walker's attempt to rig Wisconsin's vote, while a Federal Court slapped down Greg Abbott's attempt to suppress votes in Texas.

Six House Democrats Call on DOJ to Investigate Texas AG- Greg Abbott’s Dirty Dealings with TEF

So far, Greg Abbott has used his power as Attorney-General of Texas to obstruct the release of documents that would shed light on Governor Rick Perry’s oversight of Texas Enterprise Fund and its mishandling of millions of Texas taxpayer dollars.  However, the demand for answers increases from a variety of sources, including Wendy Davis and the press. Now members of Congress are asking the DOJ to investigate dirty dealings between Rick Perry’s Office and the Fund.   Since Abbott used his power as Attorney-General to conceal what may be illegal and unethical activities by Rick Perry, this does not bode well for Abbott’s quest to replace Perry at the Governor’s Office. read more

Greg Abbott’s Cover Up of Texas Enterprise Fund Fraud Cost Taxpayers $222 Million

Greg Abbott's shady relationship with the Texas Enterprise fund is catching up with him.

Wendy Davis Could Be Catching Greg Abbott In Texas Governor’s Race

After a lackluster debate performance, Greg Abbott is launching negative TV ads against Wendy Davis, but experts in Texas suggest that Republican's negative shift might be a sign that the governor's race is tightening.

Rick Perry Idiotically Cites Joan Rivers’ Death To Justify Texas Anti-Abortion Law

During an appearance at the Texas Tribune Festival on Sunday, Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry tried to use Joan Rivers' death to defend HB2, the restrictive anti-abortion bill that was passed by the Texas legislature earlier this year, but later struck down by a federal judge.

Texas Turmoil: Greg Abbott Fakes Support By Busing In People For Debate With Wendy Davis

Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott is being forced to bus in supporters to create a false impression of strength ahead of his debate with Democrat Wendy Davis.

Panicked Greg Abbott’s Latest Ad Uses Debunked Talking Points To Attack Wendy Davis

With his latest political ad, Greg Abbott is showing all the signs of a panicked candidate. The ad is filled with talking points that have been debunked by facts and fact checkers.

Federal Court Slams Texas TRAP Law Back To the Stone-Age

In a much needed victory for women in Texas, a Federal Court struck down the Lone Star State's version of a TRAP law.

Court Humiliates Greg Abbott (Again) And Crushes his Unconstitutional Attack on Public Education

This time, an Austin judge dealt a devastating blow to Greg Abbott's campaign against public education

Paul, Santorum, Perry, Romney: Republicans Offer No Imagination for 2016

As Charlie Brown despairs from time to time, "Good Grief" or if times get truly stressful, "OH, Good Grief." From the perspective of the upcoming presidential race, this will be neither of those times. That doesn't mean there won't be ear-bending yammering from the right.

Wendy Davis Shows Leadership in Her Letter To Rick Perry on the Influx of Unaccompanied Children

With children fleeing violence and poverty in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador; there is a humanitarian crises in our border states.