The Republican Hate Platform Isn’t Working In Texas

Here is a roundup of Texas press reaction to the GOP party platform -- they seem more than a little dismayed by the growing extremism.

Republicans Are So Afraid of Wendy Davis That They Are Comparing Her To Hitler

How do you know when a Republican is terrified? They start breaking out the Nazi and Hitler comparisons. An intern for Wendy Davis's Republican opponent Greg Abbott in race foe Texas governor tweeted:

GOP Dirty Trick: Greg Abbott Won’t Denounce ‘Abortion Barbie’ Posters Supporter Paid For

Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott is keeping it classy in Texas, where he refused to denounce the "Abortion Barbie" campaign posters that greeted Democratic state Senator Wendy Davis in California Thursday.

Hypocrite Greg Abbott Attacks Wendy Davis While He Begs For Outside Money On Talk Radio

Republican Greg Abbott's campaign has been criticizing Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis for taking money from liberals outside of Texas, so imagine the surprise when Abbott went on Hugh Hewett's national right wing talk radio show and begged for dollars.

Lone Star Lunacy as ‘Obama=Hitler’ Candidate Leads Democratic Senate Primary

Kesha Rogers, a LaRouche supporter who equates Obama to Hitler and calls for his impeachment, is leading the Dem Senate primary in TX.

Ted Nugent Defiantly Gives Non-Apology For Calling President Obama A ‘Subhuman Mongrel’

During an interview with conservative radio host Ben Ferguson on Friday, has-been rocker and right-wing nutjob Ted Nugent gave a non-apology for his comments last month

Wendy Davis Blasts Republicans For Embracing Admitted Sexual Predator Ted Nugent

The Wendy Davis campaign has seized on the Texas Republican Party's Ted Nugent problem and turned up the heat on her opponent, Greg Abbott and the rest of the Republicans that are silently standing behind Nugent's remarks.

The Christian Right Boycotts Girl Scout Cookies Over Wendy Davis

The fanatical Christian-right is targeting Girl Scout USA's annual cookie sales for a boycott because the group listed Wendy Davis as an incredible woman of the year.

Wendy Davis’ Daughters Strike Back At Ugly Republican Smears With Open Letters

Wendy Davis' two daughters have written open letters to refute the ugly smear campaigns against their mother.

Ann Coulter Calls Wendy Davis ‘A Gold-Digger Who Found A Sugar Daddy’

In an article that was published on Real Clear Politics Thursday morning, Ann Coulter claimed that Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis is nothing more than "a gold-digger who found a sugar daddy."

Wendy Davis’ Ex-Husband Admirably Refuses To Play GOP’s Gotcha Game

On Tuesday, Jeff Davis declined CNN's request to appear in an on-camera interview regarding Wendy Davis' personal life story. Instead, he gave them an email response stating that he feels that Wendy Davis "would make a very capable governor."

Wendy Davis Drops an Atomic Truth Bomb on Desperate Sexist Republicans

Wendy Davis is more than fighting back against the sexist Republicans today who are trying to destroy her gubernatorial campaign. Davis dropped an atomic bomb of truth intended to wipe out the GOP's smear campaign.

Sexist Personal Attacks Against Wendy Davis Explode After She Outraises Her Opponent

Expect these ugly personal attacks to continue, as Ms Davis threatens the good old boys running the state of Texas. They will cluelessly focus on all aspects of Ms Davis' womanhood.

Conservative Cretin Erick Erickson Once Again Refers to Wendy Davis As ‘Abortion Barbie’ founder and Fox News contributor Erick Erickson took to Twitter on Tuesday to dispute Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis’ fundraising totals for the last-half of 2013. Once again, as he has done repeatedly since this past summer when Davis gained national prominence due to her filibuster on the Texas Senate floor over reproductive rights, Erickson referred to Davis as ‘Abortion Barbie.’ Below is the tweet: read more

Individual Donations Help Wendy Davis Soar Past GOP Opponent In Fundraising

On Tuesday evening, Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis released her campaign's fundraising figures for the last half of 2013 and they were nothing short of amazing.

Maxey Scherr is the Only Democrat Worth Supporting for US Senate in Texas

Only one of the five Democratic candidates seems worthy of support from progressives, liberals and centrists interested in flipping the seat from red to blue. That candidate is El Paso attorney Maxey Scherr.

Dems Get Wish as Cornyn Will Face Tea Party Primary Challenger In Texas Senate Race

Late on Monday, just 15 minutes before the deadline to file, Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) shocked the GOP establishment by placing his name on the ballot for March's Republican primary and will face off with incumbent Sen. John Cornyn.

Republicans Might Learn How to Talk to Women But They Don’t Care What They Think

"We control 30 governorships, we control 26 state houses and senates chambers. You know, we, in fact, know how to speak to women on their policy issues."

Republicans Get Nervous As Wendy Davis Trails By Just 5 In Texas Governor Race

If Republicans weren't taking Wendy Davis seriously before, they should start now. A new poll found Davis trailing Republican Greg Abbott 40%-35%.