Hey Mainstream Media – Pay as Much Attention to Republicans as to Miley Cyrus

I find it an indictment of our mainstream media that Miley Cyrus at the VMAs can attract such outraged responses, but Republican politicians, behaving in a much more outrageous fashion get a free pass

The Tyranny of Flag Waving Rights Stealing Republicans Tarnishes Independence Day

A growing segment of the population are exploring new ways to subvert other citizens' freedoms and expressing their desire to reinstate the conditions that drove colonists to break away from England.

Wendy Davis Tears Apart Rick Perry For Bullying Women To Advance His Career

Governor Perry seems to think that bullying women is a political winner for him, but if he watched Meet The Press, he found out that Senator Wendy Davis isn't an easy target.

Democrats Dance Around Protecting the Right To Choose Out Fear of the Extreme Right

In Congress and Republican-controlled states, and instead of decrying the loss of choice, Democrats dance around the issue out of fear of retribution from evangelical extremists.

Rick Perry Takes A Very Personal Cheap Shot at Wendy Davis

Rick Perry takes it very personally what choices Wendy Davis and her mother have made and demands that all women make the same choices.

Thank Wendy Davis for Her Heroic Filibuster Defending Women from Another GOP Attack

It's time to thank Senator Wendy Davis for her 'herculean effort' to block one of the most restrictive anti-abortion measures in the country.