White House Issues Delusional Statement After New Transcripts Sink Trump

After the transcripts of two pivotal Ukraine witnesses blew apart Trump's impeachment defense, the White House responded with pure delusion.

White House Faceplants While Trying To Spin Impeachment Vote As A Win

The White House issued a statement after Speaker Pelosi announced the impeachment vote that only makes things worse for Trump.

The White House Throws A Fit As They Are Blown Away By Ukraine Quid Pro Quo Testimony

The White House could only tantrum and rant after being blown out of the water by Bill Taylor's Ukraine quid pro quo testimony.

Trump Admits He Considered Bringing The Taliban To The White House

Trump iivites Taliban to White House

Trump admits that he considered bringing the Taliban to the White House before 9/11, but he was worried about bad publicity.


Trump claims lots of bad people have been to Camp David, but none of them have the blood of thousands of dead Americans on their hands from the worst domestic terrorist attack in US history. pic.twitter.com/9DYJc0AItc read more

Sarah Sanders Rants About Democrats Trying to ‘Overthrow’ the President

Sarah Sanders on CNN New Day

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was on CNN’s “New Day” this morning ranting that the Mueller probe was an effort to “overthrow” President Donald Trump.

CNN’s John Berman immediately shut her down. read more

Kanye West Claims That MAGA Hats Have Superpowers

Kanye West claimed that Donald Trump is a superhero and that wearing a red MAGA hat turns you into a Superman.

White House, Republicans work to shore up Kavanaugh nomination

By Richard Cowan and Lawrence Hurley

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The White House and its Republican congressional allies on Tuesday delivered a message of unwavering support for President Donald Trump‘s Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh after the judge went on television to fight back against allegations of sexual misconduct that have imperiled his nomination. read more

Trump Handed A Big Loss As Court Overturns Executive Orders On Firing Federal Workers

Trump tried to use a series of executive orders to gut the collective bargaining rights of federal workers, but a federal judge has struck down Trump's actions.

Trump Is Trying To Ban Reporters From The White House For Asking Questions

Trump has been trying to ban reporters from covering White House events for months because he didn't like their questions.

Trump’s Own Intelligence Chief Had No Idea That Putin Was Coming To The White House

In a glimpse of White House dysfunction, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats was blindsided by the news that Trump has invited Putin to the White House this fall on live national television.

Trump Hires Fox News Sexual Assault Enabler Bill Shine For His White House Staff

Trump has closed the circle on both his relationship with Fox News and sexual assault by hiring the Fox News boss who is accused of enabling covering up the sexual harassment and sexual assault culture at Fox.

Paranoid Trump Blows A Gasket Over Truth Telling White House Leakers

Trump is blowing a gasket because White House staff are trying to save themselves by leaking to the press. The problem is that the leakers are telling the truth.

Rachel Maddow Highlights Reports That Find 100+ Trump Officials Don’t Have Security Clearance

"There were more than 100 staffers in the Executive Office of the President who were operating on interim clearances more than a year after Trump was elected."

Another Cover-Up: Top Trump Aides Knew For Months That WH Staffer Was A Domestic Abuser

In a White House led by Donald Trump, who has shown little regard for women throughout his own life, it's no surprise that this is the culture of the West Wing.

Nobody Believes Trump As He Tells Africa He ‘Deeply Respects’ Them After ‘S***hole’ Slur

The empty letter comes weeks after the president offended just about everybody with a conscience by referring to nations in Africa as "shithole countries," a view which apparently guides his immigration policy.

Keith Ellison Calls Trump’s Blatant Racism A Danger To The American People

"The chief executive of the United States, the commander in chief has racist ideas about America and this country, and the American people, all 320 million of us, better figure out what the do about it."

Dick Durbin Fights Back: Trump Should Release Any Recordings That Disprove ‘S**thole’ Comments

"If you don't have a tough skin, this is not a good business to get into," Durbin said. "I know what happened. I stand behind every word that I said in terms of that meeting."

Joy Reid Epically Smacks Down Pastor For Using The Bible To Defend Trump’s ‘S**thole’ Remarks

There is not a holy book on the face of the planet – certainly not the Bible – that can justify Trump's words or deeds.

WH Official Admits Trump’s ‘S***hole’ Remarks Will Be Applauded By His Racist Base

In other words, it doesn't matter how despicable Trump's rhetoric is. If his base applauds with approval, then all is well in Trumpland.

‘Fire And Fury’ Author Reveals Kellyanne Conway And Sean Spicer Arranged White House Interviews

"This was not a secret. Everybody was told to speak to me. ... Bannon told people to cooperate. Sean Spicer told people to cooperate. Kellyanne Conway told people to cooperate."