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Marjorie Taylor Greene Speaks At White Nationalist Conference That Cheers Putin

Marjorie Taylor Greene Speaks At White Nationalist Conference That Cheers Putin

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke at a white nationalist conference where Putin got a round of cheers for invading Ukraine.

2 years ago

White Supremacists Are Following Trump’s Lead And Fueling Minnesota Violence

Minnesota officials said in a Saturday news conference that white nationalists and people from outside the state are fueling the…

4 years ago

Trump Ally Kobach Has Been Supported By White Nationalists

Kris Kobach, the Republican candidate for Kansas governor who has close ties to Donald Trump, has been accepting money from…

6 years ago

Congress Just Sent Trump a Resolution Forcing Him to Condemn White Nationalists

Congress just sent President Trump a resolution forcing him to condemn and use all available resources to address white nationalists,…

7 years ago

Ex-CIA Head Says Trump’s Response To Charlottesville Has Done ‘Lasting Harm To American Society’

"If allowed to continue along this senseless path, Mr. Trump will do lasting harm to American society and to our…

7 years ago

If It Walks, Talks, and Acts Like Nazis – Call “Alt-right” Nazis, Not Racists

“What, if anything, distinguishes the alt-right from more hidebound racist movements such as the American Nazi Party and the Ku…

8 years ago

Minorities and Muslims Should Fear the Incoming White Supremacist Administration

These Trump appointments of extreme racists and religious bigots do not bode well for any Americans who are not white…

8 years ago

Trump’s Minority Outreach Is a Vile Affront to African Americans

"It’s the kind of bigotry that says I’m urinating on you and telling you to dance in the rain. This…

8 years ago

Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum: The Unholy Trinity Of Intolerance And Hate

The three Republican frontrunners have each distinguished themselves as outliers from the mainstream, and together they are the antithesis of…

12 years ago