Suspect arrested in fires at three black churches in Louisiana

(Reuters) – Police have arrested a man suspected of setting fire to three predominately black churches in a southern Louisiana parish, a federal prosecutor said on Wednesday.

“A suspect has been identified in connection with three church burnings in Opelousas, Louisiana, and is in state custody,” David Joseph, the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Louisiana, said in a statement. read more

Report: Homeland Security Ignores Domestic White Terrorism

Many U.S. law enforcement and security officials now believe that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has its priorities wrong. According to these highly-experienced professionals DHS resources are being wasted on the so-called “threat” posed to our southern border by the caravan of poor refugees making its way north through Mexico from Central America. read more

Group Wants to Create Alliance Between Russia and the American South

An Alabama organization designated as a white supremacist hate group has launched a new website to attempt to form an alliance between Russia and the American South.

The group, “League of the South” is based in Alabama and is classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). read more

Opinion: Trump’s Immigration Policy Looks Disturbingly Like Ethnic Cleansing

While mass deportation of people based on race or ethnicity may appear to be more “humane” the objective is the same: it’s about destroying the community in whole or in part.

GOP Rep Goes Full Crazy And Claims Charlottesville Nazis Were Actually Liberal Actors

Dana Rohrabacher

This is the kind of unhinged and crackpot rhetoric that is common on Info Wars, but it has no place in American government.

After Charlottesville The Media Can No Longer Deny That Trump Support Is Driven By Racism

There has been a lot of conversation in the media about "white non-college educated economic anxiety" being the motivating factor for Trump support, but after Charlottesville, the press can no longer deny that racism is the real motivator of many Trump supporters.

Clinton And Biden Give The Forceful Response America Needs As Violence Erupts In Charlottesville

"If this is not who we are as Americans, let's prove it," Hillary Clinton said.

Trump Walks Away From Reporters After Being Asked To Denounce White Supremacists

The willingness of this president to ignore what is specifically fueling the outbreak of deadly violence and hatred in Virginia will only give oxygen to those causing it.

State Of Emergency Declared In Charlottesville As Violent Alt-Right Nazis Clash With Protesters

Meanwhile, the President of the United States remains silent as, at this hour, he is likely teeing off from one of the fairways at his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey.

GOP Senator Does What Trump Refuses To Do And Denounces White Supremacist Hate Group

The GOP senator said the ideas spewed by the alt-right marchers "have no place in a civil society."

Hundreds Of Counter-Protesters Drown Out White Supremacist Hate In Charlottesville

The counter-protesters gathered Saturday to deliver a message of unity and tell the hate group, "Love has always won."

Opinion: Three White Terrorist Arrests In One Week – Where’s Trump Outrage?

The response from the Trump administration to the dangers from homegrown white terrorists, or the arrest of three in one week, is non-existent.

American Nazis Rising as Trump’s Armed Brownshirts to Target Jews

"We are planning an armed protest against Jews, Jewish businesses and everyone who supports either. We will be busing in skinheads from the Bay Area.”

If It Walks, Talks, and Acts Like Nazis – Call “Alt-right” Nazis, Not Racists

“What, if anything, distinguishes the alt-right from more hidebound racist movements such as the American Nazi Party and the Ku Klux Klan. The answer is very little."

Minorities and Muslims Should Fear the Incoming White Supremacist Administration

These Trump appointments of extreme racists and religious bigots do not bode well for any Americans who are not white and not Christian.

KKK Legend David Duke Thanks A Foreigner For Helping Put a Racist in the White House

Racist David Duke reacted jubilantly to the electoral victory of Donald Trump and thanked foreign criminal Julian Assange for his assistance.

Trump’s Minority Outreach Is a Vile Affront to African Americans

Donald Trump imploding

"It’s the kind of bigotry that says I’m urinating on you and telling you to dance in the rain. This is an insult to all people of color."

Dan Rather Says Trump Turned Himself Over to ‘Zealots From the Fringes of the Party’

The Zealots from the fringes "think if you say it often enough, they're convinced that will get Donald Trump the white votes he needs"