White Supremacy

Opinion: Rittenhouse Verdict Consistent with Right Wing’s Effort of Destroy Democracy

The Rittenhouse verdict is one piece of this larger campaign to destroy democracy and energize white supremacy.

2 months ago

Opinion: Accepting Republican Frame about “Wokeness,” Conservative Democrats Play to White Supremacy

Elements of the Democratic Party have bought into this Republican framing, similarly deploying “wokeness” as a term of slander and…

2 months ago

Tucker Carlson Says Democrats Won’t Come On His Show Because They Think He’s a White Supremacist

The rules of cable news have been very clearly drawn. It is very rare to see a Conservative lawmaker appear…

5 months ago

Opinion: Will Chauvin Verdict Change How We White Americans See Ourselves?

We must hold white supremacy accountable and, in doing so, take a hard look in the mirror as white Americans.

9 months ago

WATCH: Don Lemon Says Ron Johnson is Downplaying Insurrection to “Continue White Supremacy”

While the majority of Republicans refused to convict Donald Trump, most were at least willing to admit that he had…

11 months ago

Opinion: As Impeachment Trial Begins, Let’s Remember The Republican History Of Big Lies

The “big lie” is not unique to Trump but rather constitutes a long-standing Republican tradition and political practice that, far…

12 months ago

Opinion: African Americans Continue To Lead Insurrections For Democracy In America

In the summer of 1800, Gabriel Prosser, an enslaved blacksmith, planned a slave insurrection in Richmond Virginia. Information about the…

12 months ago

Opinion: GOP Impeachment Strategy is a Policy of Appeasement, Inviting Nazism and Racism into Mainstream Politics

Senate Republicans are now gearing up to acquit Trump in an impeachment trial on the specious rationale that putting a…

12 months ago

WATCH: Fox Hosts Are Unhappy That Biden Addressed White Supremacy in Inauguration Speech

It's been said that the people who voted for Donald Trump did so for a variety of reasons. Some did…

12 months ago

Opinion: Let’s Not Lose Sight Of The Revolution That Is By Focusing On The Coup That Wasn’t

Too many in America, caught in throes of misinformation and conspiracy theories, are busy slaying mythical dragons rather than engaging…

1 year ago

Opinion: Calling Capitol Assault A Coup Or Insurrection Hobbles Our Ability To Address America’s Racism And History

Calling the events of January 6 a coup denies the historical character of U.S. governmental institutions and once again threatens…

1 year ago

H.R. McMaster Criticizes Trump for Not Condemning White Supremacy

H.R. McMaster, President Donald Trump's former national security adviser, said the President's refusal to condemn white supremacy during Tuesday night's…

1 year ago

Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Says Trump Should “Clarify” His Statement on White Supremacy

Brian Kilmeade, one of the hosts of "Fox and Friends," says President Donald Trump should "clarify" his statement on white…

1 year ago

Joe Biden: Have You Ever Heard Trump Say “One Negative Thing” About White Supremacists?

Joe Biden has once again criticized Donald Trump for his failure to denounce white supremacists. The Democrat has often said…

1 year ago

Opinion: Racist Contradictions in Defining Freedom in Trump’s America

Last May, the conservative group Michigan United for Liberty organized protests in the state capitol against Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s stay-at-home…

2 years ago

Opinion: Stephen Miller’s Racism Is Trumpier Than Trump

We continue on the journey of asking ourselves what kind of country we want to be, as impeachment hearings continue…

2 years ago

Opinion: Inciting Hatred Ought to Be an Impeachable Offense

[Where indicated, this article includes opinion by Tobias J. Grant, legal analyst at PoliticusUSA] If a president incites one group…

2 years ago

It’s NOT the Economy, Stupid; it’s a Stupid White Supremacy Undermining the Economy

When Donald Trump tweets something patently racist, as when he tweeted the squad of four should go back where they…

2 years ago

Remembering Charlottesville: The Legacy of Heather Heyer Lives On In Our Resistance

Her name is Heather Heyer. Today is the one-year anniversary of her death. She died while peacefully protesting a hate…

3 years ago

The Transparent Phoniness Behind Trump-Fueled White Rage Over NFL Players Kneeling

Let me say it as clearly as I can: The anger being expressed by many (white) people over NFL players…

4 years ago

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