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Wisconsin Republican Party Claims Hackers Stole $2.3 Million from Account Used to Re-Elect Trump

According to The Associated Press, the Wisconsin Republican Party claims hackers stole $2.3 million from an account whose funds were being used in President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign. The Republican Party Chairman Andrew Hitt says Republicans noticed suspicious activity and contacted the FBI on October 22. The FBI did not immediately respond to a message…


Trump Takes a Dig at Portland as He Credits National Guard for Ending Violence in Kenosha

President Donald Trump praised the National Guard for ending violence in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the site of heavy protests after Jacob Blake was shot and partially paralyzed by police officers. Violence broke out after 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse shot and killed two protesters. “Succes (sic): Since the National Guard moved into Kenosha, Wisconsin, two days ago, there…

Joe Biden gains 21 points on Trump with rural voters

Biden Leads Trump by Six Points in Two Valuable Battleground States

According to the CBS News Battleground Tracker, Democrat Joe Biden is leading in two valuable battleground states: Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, two states President Donald Trump won handily in 2016. Coronavirus concerns have contributed to Biden’s rise. In Pennsylvania, 49 percent of likely voters said they would vote for Biden in November’s general election. 43 percent…


Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Slams “Tyrannical” Decision to Overturn Stay-at-Home Order

A conservative judge has harshly criticized his colleagues for their decision to overturn Wisconsin’s stay-at-home order. The court ruled 4-3 to strike down Governor Tony Evers’ restrictions. The Wisconsin Supreme Court has a conservative majority but Justice Brian Hagedorn dissented from the ruling and blasted the majority for acting in a “tyrannical” fashion. Hagedorn wrote…


Wisconsin is Now “The Wild West,” Says State Gov. After Court Strikes Down Stay-at-Home Order

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers (D) says his state is now “the Wild West” after the state Supreme Court, in a 4-3 ruling, struck down his stay-at-home order. “At this point in time, there is no orders. There’s nothing that’s compelling people to do anything other than having chaos here,” Evers told MSNBC’s Ali Velshi. “We’re…


Wisconsin Will Monitor Whether This Week’s Election Spread Coronavirus

Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services (DHS) announced it would monitor whether this week’s election caused a spike in coronavirus infections. “We will continue this important work to ensure that every case is followed up on, contacted, and anyone who may have been exposed notified. We hope the extraordinary efforts taken by local clerks, public health…


Trump Urges Wisconsin Voters to Support Conservative Justice After SCOTUS Allows Elections to Continue

Hours after Wisconsin Supreme Court on Monday ruled 4-2 that the state’s elections could move forward, overruling Governor Tony Evers’s (D) executive decision to postpone the election amid concerns about in-person voting during the coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump urged Wisconsin voters to support a conservative Supreme Court justice on the ballot. “The Wisconsin Supreme…


Opinion: Wisconsin Republicans Show It’s Politics, Not Public Safety, They Care About In Refusing To Consider Election Delay

One of the running lines from President Donald Trump and other Republican lawmakers throughout the entire coronavirus ordeal has been that Democrats are focused on politics or scoring political wins against him, using the crisis as a means to do so. Trump himself has questioned Democrats’ motives from the beginning — remember him calling COVID-19…


Scott Walker’s Koch Economics Is Decimating Wisconsin

Kansas has received its share of attention for its epic trickle down failure typical of conservative economics, and it is duly warranted. However, the governor of Kansas has not been tapped by the Koch brothers as their preferred Republican presidential candidate for 2016. That distinction goes to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker who has his state’s financial demise keeping pace with Kansas for the top Republican economic failure.

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Massive School Layoffs, Healthcare, Food Stamp Cuts Populate Scott Walker’s Koch Budget

Scott Walker’s budget epitomizes the Koch-Republican “vision for America” and not at all unique among states ruled by Koch-governors with Republican legislatures. In Wisconsin, because Walker has driven the state’s deficit over the $2 billion mark with tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, he intends on slashing yet another $300 million from the University of Wisconsin system over two years, and for fun will make seriously Draconian cuts to health care and food stamps.


GOP Governors Slash Education To Grow Their Ignorant Base 

Because Republicans depend on “the widespread ignorance of objective reality,” their fascist threat to democracy is only succeeding due to the abundance of ignorance and gross stupidity of America’s uneducated citizenry. Subsequently, Republicans are building on their success and slashing education funding at a record pace to produce an entire population of stupid conservative voters.


Despite Obama’s National Economic Success Republican State Economies Are Failing   

Republicans ran on, and won big with, their claim that the GOP is “the party of solutions” founded on conservative pro-growth economic policies, deregulation, and tax cuts for the rich they claimed were more successful than anything “hapless” Democrats or Obama could ever hope to achieve. This is despite the President’s nearly five-year job growth record, world-leading GDP growth, and increased revenue paying down the nation’s debt at a record pace.

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