Republicans Admit Trump Won Wisconsin Due To Voter ID Law

In the 2016 presidential election Donald Trump won Wisconsin by about 22,000 votes.  Much analysis has been done as to why Hillary Clinton lost Wisconsin, but most Democrats have agreed that one of the main causes for this surprising loss was the existence of a strict voter I.D. law that kept many Democrats from voting. read more

High Stakes Wisconsin Supreme Court Case Could Shut Down Or Cement Gerrymandering

The Supreme Court decided to hear a case that will determine if gerrymandering for partisan benefit is constitutional. This will be the landmark case that either shuts down Republican cheating or allows Republicans to use DeVos math to win elections. read more

Armed and Dangerous Author of Trump Manifesto Stalking Wisconsin Communities

Jakubowski's manifesto “includes grievances against government and personal angst towards anyone or anything other than natural law or rule”

The Battle Begins As Wisconsin Denies Jill Stein Request For Statewide Hand Recount

The Wisconsin Elections Commission has denied a request by Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein for a hand recount of all ballots.

Trump Cancels Wisconsin Event Just Seconds After Paul Ryan Invites Him To The State

Paul Ryan Trump

This isn't the first time there's been controversy surrounding Trump and Ryan. It likely won't be the last.

Women Rise Up In Wisconsin And Power Hillary Clinton To A 7 Point Lead Over Trump

Hillary Clinton's lead has grown to 7 points in Wisconsin as Trump's support with women has fallen to 23% in the state.

Trump And His Traveling Clown Show Campaign In Wisconsin, A State He Will Lose

Donald Trump wisconsin

Trump may promise to be the law and order candidate, but he can't even restore order in his own presidential campaign.

Parents Push Religion at ‘Jesus Lunches’ at Wisconsin High School

A group of parents at a high school in MIddleton Wisconsin use food to bribe students to listen to them talk about Jesus - on school property

Unions Get a Big Win as Judge Tosses Out Scott Walker’s Unconstitutional Anti-Union Law

Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) violated the state constitution when he passed an anti-union law in Wisconsin, a judge determined on Friday, tossing out Walker's signature law.

Donald Trump Throws A Tantrum And Accuses Ted Cruz Of Illegal Activity In Wisconsin

Donald Trump goes birther on Cruz and Rubio ABC This Week

Donald Trump has thrown a fit after losing Wisconsin and accused Ted Cruz of illegal campaign activity.

In Pictures: Sarah Palin’s Spectacular Wisconsin Crash And Burn

Behold the cringing in second hand embarrassment, the dismay, the boredom and the contempt on the faces of the Wisconsin Republicans' faces during Sarah Palin's pro-Trump speech Friday evening.

Pro-Life Republicans Crusading To Ban Life-Saving Research

The GOP is jumping on the Dark Age bandwagon to stop scientists from finding cures to myriad infirmities and debilitating and deadly diseases

Big News For Democrats As Russ Feingold Leads Sen. Ron Johnson By 8 In GOP Poll

In Wisconsin, the situation has gotten so bad for the Republicans that they actually consider being down by 8 points "good news."

Scott Walker Trails Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders In Neighboring Minnesota

If the GOP chooses Walker as their nominee, they may have to accept defeat in Minnesota for the 11th consecutive presidential election.

Jeb Bush And Scott Walker Campaign To Impress the Koch Brothers, Not the People

It would be difficult for even Fox News to argue against the idea that Republicans only campaign, and act, according to the will of the Koch brothers, and two candidates for the Republican presidential nomination are already vying to impress, and best serve the interests of, the Koch brothers, not the American people.

Scott Walker Says Poverty Pay Is A Living Wage

It is likely that Walker's idea that poverty wages are living wages came directly from the Kochs, who see American workers as peasants

Wisconsin GOP Lawmakers Move One Step Closer To Ending Democracy By Killing Open Records Law

The GOP intends to block the public from discovering what factors drive the official actions of government, especially the Legislature