NBC Poll Shows Governor Scott Walker Trailing Democrat by 13% in Wisconsin

scott walker meet the press

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is trailing his likely Democratic challenger by double-digits, according to a new poll from NBC News and Marist College.

This new poll is the latest in a series of opinion surveys in recent days which have shown that approval of Republicans in Midwestern states has significantly fallen since Donald Trump became president. read more

Obama Rolls Into Wisconsin and Obliterates Scott Walker While Delivering for Mary Burke

obama campaigns for mary burke in Wisconsin

Without ever mentioning his name, President Obama rolled into Wisconsin and took apart Gov. Scott Walker. The president hammered Walker in his economic weak spot and made a compelling case for Democratic candidate Mary Burke.

Scott Walker Is Already Making Excuses For His Potential Defeat In Wisconsin

scott walker emails

Republican Gov. Scott Walker is making excuses for his potential defeat in Wisconsin before the votes are even counted. Walker is falsely claiming that he is being outspent by Democrats.

Top Republican Official Calls Wisconsin Voters Stupid While Campaigning For Scott Walker

The Republican Party has shot itself in the foot again as RNC co-chair Sharon Day campaigned for Scott Walker by calling Wisconsin voters stupid.

Scott Walker Is In Deep Trouble As Democrat Mary Burke Levels Wisconsin Gov With New Ad

In a new devastating ad, Democrat Mary Burke uses Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's own job creation pledge against him. The ad sums up in thirty seconds why Walker may be voted out of office this November.