Devin Nunes Just Gave An Interview That Was A Total Disaster For Trump

House Intelligence Committee Chair Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) did an interview on CNN's The Situation Room where he managed to make the Russia scandal even worse for himself and the Trump administration.

Deplorable: Both Candidates On GOP Ticket Reluctant To Condemn White Supremacist

Mike Pence David Duke

If you're keeping score at home, both candidates on the Republican ticket have now refused to make quick and forceful condemnations of a known and proud white supremacist.

Hillary Clinton Shoots Down CNN And Dumps Trump By Refusing To Play The Insult Game

Hillary Clinton shoots down CNN and Trump insults

Hillary Clinton took a stand against the press's embarrassing Trump circus by refusing to play the media's game and respond to Donald Trump's insults during an interview on CNN.

CNN And Republicans Embarrass Every American With Disgraceful Presidential Debate

CNN debate wolf blitzer

The Republican presidential candidates gave disgraceful answers, and CNN's Wolf Blitzer lost total control of a debate that is an embarrassment to every American.

CNN Busts Darrell Issa For Lying About Classified Hillary Clinton Emails

Wolf Blitzer busted Darrell Issa for lying about Hillary Clinton's emails during an interview on CNN.

Lindsey Graham Blames President Obama For The Mess That He Helped Cause In Iraq

South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham insisted on Monday that the Iraq War was not a mistake.

The Newest “Joe the Plumber” Washes Up On The Shore

I could be wrong, but I suspect Louis Jordan will be sailing into murky political waters very soon.

Sen. Tom Cotton Thinks All Is Copacetic Because Arkansas Doesn’t Hang Gays Like Iran

tom cotton morning joe

Senator Tom Cotton argues that discrimination against gays in the US shouldn't be a priority, since we aren't hanging them like Iran does.

Jon Stewart Uses Brian Williams Fiasco To Call Out Media For Accepting Bush’s Iraq War Lies

During Monday night's broadcast of The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart addressed the recent revelation that NBC News anchor Brian Williams had made false claims about taking rocket fire during a helicopter ride in Iraq in 2003.

Rick Perry and CNN Falsely Claim That Bill Maher Is Just Like Ted Nugent

Rick Perry tried to explain the Republican Party's Ted Nugent problem on CNN today by claiming that Bill Maher is just like the racist right wing former rock and roll star.

Cowardly Ted Nugent Cancels CNN Interview After Getting Called Out By Wolf Blitzer

Cowardly Ted Nugent just can't take the heat. After getting called out by Wolf Blitzer for calling President Obama a "subhuman mongrel," Nugent canceled an interview on CNN 2 hours before it was supposed to air.

House Republicans Look to Divide and Conquer by Using Progressive Attacks Against Obama

House Republicans are trying to divide and conquer the left by adopting the progressive attacks against President Obama's budget as their own talking points.

Wolf Blitzer Awakens From Coma to Destroy Donald Trump

For decades CNN's Wolf Blitzer has appeared on air to be in some sort of media coma, but through the magic of birtherism Wolf awakened today, and beat down Donald Trump.