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Opinion: Republicans, Rape, and Pre-existing Conditions

All but two states already have laws on the books that ban insurer providers from discriminating against rape and sexual…

6 years ago

Opinion: Montana Bill Charges Abortion Doctors With Homicide

This is the right of a woman and her doctor.These decisions should be made between the two of them with…

6 years ago

New Poll: Two-Thirds Of Voters Outraged At GOP Attacks On Women’s Reproductive Rights

According to a new poll, when voters were informed about the religious Republican drive to ban access to legal abortion…

7 years ago

Republicans Proven Wrong: Anti-Abortion Laws Hurt Women

A brand-spanking new report conducted and released by the Texas Policy Evaluation Project, a noted research group out of the…

7 years ago

Hillary Clinton Hammers Jeb Bush On Women’s Health And Immigration

At an organizing event in Colorado, Hillary Clinton hammered Jeb Bush for his policies on women's health and immigration.

8 years ago

Religious Freedom Law Endangered The Health of a Georgia Woman

This week a story in Georgia illustrates just how dangerous religious tyranny posing as religious freedom can be to the…

8 years ago

Hey, Religious “Freedom” Laws Open The Door To Discrimination Against Women Too

One day people will wake up and wonder why they can no longer get the pill in their state, let…

8 years ago

Republicans Fooled Americans Again To Eliminate Women’s Reproductive Rights

Instead of introducing legislation to create jobs, or help Americans struggling in an economy created for the benefit of the…

8 years ago

Conservatives On The Supreme Court Have Turned The Constitution Into A Weapon of Mass Destruction

Whether most Americans realize it or not, they have been spectators, victims, and often combatants in a sectarian religious war…

9 years ago

The Case against Using Religious Freedom to Block Birth Control Access

As the birth control mandate went into effect this week, religious freedom arguments continue to threaten it. Here's why they're…

11 years ago

Republicans Don’t Agree On Much But They’re 100% Unified On Degrading Women

The Republican presidential candidates are all allied with the Republicans in Congress and have signaled that if elected, they will…

11 years ago

Republicans Morph ‘Obama’s War On Religion’ Into Their War On Women

Republicans have assailed President Obama for allegedly waging a war on religion, but it is Republicans who are waging a…

11 years ago

Roe V Wade @ 39: The Struggle For Female Liberty Continues

In the South and Midwest of our country, an evil struggling against female freedom is winning ground. In Mississippi, a…

11 years ago