Former Israeli President Convicted of Rape

After a trial lasting a year, a Tel Aviv district court comprised of a panel of judges has found Israel’s former president, Iranian-born Moshe Katsav, 65, guilty of rape and sexual harassment in a case filed four years ago by three women who worked for him. Katsav was Israel’s eight president, a position of largely ceremonial powers, but was forced to resign in 2007.

Mosque Members Serve Christmas Eve Dinner to Mission


In a world gone crazy from Tea Party zealots incessant screaming over reasonable people to Jim De Mint's reading problems holding up all business on the Senate floor, we don’t often get our moments of zen or, in this case, Christmas spirit. But here it is. Evincing the true spirit of Christmas in Montreal, Muslims volunteered to serve Christmas Eve Dinner to the Old Brewery Mission.

Meet Denmark’s Sarah Palin

Meet Pia Kjærsgaard. Pia is a woman who is going places. Specifically, she is going to the salon to have her hair bleached an even starker blond - but after that, she's going to pose for a photo shoot wrapped in the Danish flag, and then she is going to make a heroic stand against the foreign hordes who threaten to overrun her fairy tale vision of a Denmark where everyone is a Lutheran, monarchist, pork-eating blonde. Pia is trying very hard to be the Danish Sarah Palin.

150,000 March in Dublin to Protest IMF/ECB Bailout and Austerity Budget

This week saw what has been described as the largest demonstration in the history of the Irish state, as an estimated 150,000 people marched through Dublin city centre to protest the Irish government’s draconian new austerity budget and the arrival of the IMF. They came from all over the country and from all walks of life, united in the belief that there is a better way to deal with Ireland’s economic woes. The march had been arranged by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions.

Irish Government Turns a Blind Eye To Bankers’ Crimes

Even if Fianna Fail were able to muster the political will, it would be a monumental task for the State to prosecute bankers of the failed Irish zombie banks, notably Anglo-Irish, because proof thresholds required in white collar crime cases are extremely high in Ireland. In fact, the Irish Independent reports in the same article that Ireland has never seen a successful prosecution for insider trading. Ever.

The Culture of Lawlessness in Rupert Murdoch’s Newsrooms

Nixon/Murdoch "I am not a crook!"

Scotland Yard’s evidence indicated that hundreds of celebrities, government officials, soccer stars, etc had been targets of Murdoch’s News of the World cell phone hackers. Scotland Yard looked the other way as Murdoch hacked into phones of both private citizens and the Royal Family, and again as Murdoch's editor was installed as communications aide to Tory PM Cameron.

Explaining the Difference Between a Draw Down and Rebranding of War

The media (and the Left) are running with the meme that the draw down in Iraq is mere "rebranding" of the war. They buttress this notion with sarcastic references to the "combat troops" leaving Iraq. This misunderstanding is the fault of whoever started to report the drawdown as "combat troops leaving Iraq." Combat troops have left Iraq, but we still have 50,000 combat troops there. They are no longer there in a combat role, however.

The Right Pretends Their Last Three Weeks of Bigotry Never Happened

yesterday, after weeks of ginning up hate, we had the RNC talking point denial of stoking violence memo via Sarah Palin’s Facebook Page and Boehner tried it on ABC News' Good Morning America --a mistake- he was obviously more concerned with his tan than any sort of real leadership on this issue and he sounded like a spoiled frat boy. The one thing we heard in all of their CYA talking points puppetry was a rather petty and obvious comparison of burning books to building a community center. Today is the day when we are supposed to forget how we got here.

Republicans Defy Military Leaders By Not Condemning Quran Burning

Fear mongering leads to endangering US and Troops

Both top US commander in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus, and one of his deputies, Lt. Gen. William Caldwell, are warning Americans that burning the Quran will endanger the troops in Afghanistan (and around the world), who are there fighting a war started by Republican President George Bush. A fearful nation awaits a leader from the Republican Party to grow enough courage to take a stand for us and for our troops and their mission.