The Daring Idea of Happiness as GDP

It’s a question of productivity versus happiness as the ultimate judge of the welfare of nations. Yes, this is an argument for a socially just Democracy, or as I like to call it, civilization. Nic Marks must surely be a socialist. At TEDGlobal 2010 he suggested that we would be better off to measure success by happiness rather than productivity. Cue the crazy jihad nut job dance from the Right (plus a Glenn Beck cry fest), but meanwhile, I ask you on this Labor Day, have you ever been to a country where they valued overall contentment of the people over their productivity? Because once you’ve seen it in action, it’s hard to deny the validity of Marks' inspiration.

About Last Night, Republicans….

And then yesterday, as the President got ready to announce the last combat troops were out of Iraq, and the nation could finally let out its war-weary breath on one front, Republicans had the nerve, the unmitigated gall, to warn the President of the United States to not take "credit" for Iraq. Instead of acknowledging these sacrifices over your mistake, instead of fighting for Veterans' benefits, instead of finding one damn thing to be positive about, Republicans can not stop being ungrateful, petty, small-minded, empty-hearted partisan hacks.

The Ghost of Vietnam Haunts the Left and Right Over Iraq

I don’t know about you, but for years, I’ve been secretly longing for that Time Life moment post World War II; the kiss of a returning soldier, the final exhale of an exhausted nation. I can’t say that I pictured a happy America, but I had imagined a unified America. But we aren't going to get that moment, because there was a war in between WWII and Iraq. We're scared. Not only have we’ve been lied to rather recently (WMD), but we're battling with our national scars from our defeat in Vietnam.

Sarah Palin Encourages Franklin Graham to Spread the Holy War Against Muslims

Unwilling to let any chance for more publicity via her specialty of moral poutrage sprinkled over Dim-Sum pass her by, Sarah Palin takes to her facebook page to decry the Pentagon's decision yesterday to dis-invite Franklin Graham from National Prayer Day. In doing so, Palin demonstrates yet again how little she thinks/knows of the law, inviting satire as the only possible rebuttal available to all reading citizens.

How Obama’s Nuclear Weapons Strategy Will Save the World

After the historic Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty signed the previous week between the United States and Russia, the seemingly logical next step was to get as many nations together as possible to be on the same page. The threat of nuclear weapons getting into the wrong hands like al Qaeda or rogue nations like North Korea or Iran, who are currently developing nuclear weapons, should be of grave concern to the entire world.

Copenhagen Smack Down: Der Spiegel Reporter to Inhofe: “You’re ridiculous!”

The ranking Republican on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Jim Inhofe, made a scathingly embarrassing appearance in Copenhagen. While the senator didn’t have any meetings scheduled in Copenhagen, he managed to put together an impromptu press conference, during which he took it upon himself to announce that "global warming was a hoax perpetrated on the world by the UN" and sold to Americans "by the Hollywood elite."

“How Can They Do That?”; A Progressive Responds Regarding Nobel Peace Prize Committee’s Choice

People don't seem to get the origin of the Nobel Peace Prize, because all over the internet, you will read:

"How can they do that?"

They can do that because that was the intention of the prize....from the beginning. And it is THEIR prize. It is privately funded. They can do whatever they want. It was intended for visionaries, not necessarily an "accomplishment".

After all, peace starts as a belief. Having the vision for a nuclear free world is huge. It starts there. Did W have that commitment? did John McCain? No. Even Hilary Clinton didn't embrace peace as the ideal the way Obama did and does. So, it is rather special, in point of fact.

Republicans Impose Their “Decider” Approach re Afghanistan Strategy

Republicans are insinuating that Obama's "delay", aka, seeking input from naysayers and congress before making a decision regarding strategy in Afghanistan, is indicative of weakness on Obama's part. Apparently, Republicans have been suppressing Congressional War Powers and the Constitution for so long now that they just assume it's a given that everyone does so, and failure to do so is smugly rebranded as "delay".

Republicans Only Plan is To “Kill ObamaCare”

Republicans have sold the meme that they just need more “time” to draft a good health care reform bill. More time? They had control of the House, Senate and WH for 6 years and they never even brought this issue up! They’ve had all summer to review the various plans and come up with an idea. Heck, they took us into a pre-emptive war with a sovereign nation quicker than that!

Hong Kong Palin: Sarah’s Latest 2012 Gimmick

In what’s been described as the "American Ding Dong goes to Hong Kong" by astute international posters, Mrs Sarah Palin (failed beauty contestant, failed VP candidate, and aborted first term Governor) has been asked to speak at the CLSA Investment Convention in Hong Kong, where she will give a speech on a topic such as geopolitics.