Thank you for your donation to independent, corporate free, people-first news


This is Sarah Jones and Jason Easley, writing on behalf of the entire PoliticusUSA team to thank you for your generous donation to our corporate-free political news site.

Here’s what your donation is doing:

We have always been committed to being news for the people, in a way that necessitates that we do not operate like most news outlets do. We can’t take money from PACs or think tanks or many higher paid advertisers who might try to assert dominance over what we write.

For many years we’ve been able to make this work through the dedication of our team and folks who help us out. However, under the Trump administration that all changed; suddenly we were not able to make it work anymore due to the pressure from his attempts to diminish journalists and news outlets combined with what all digital outlets are dealing with in a loss of revenue from online ads.

Three years ago when this started, we were advised to raise money through our readership, but we declined. So it’s taken a long time for us to come to this point of asking.

And wow, have you all been amazing.

We announce in the newsroom and each and every donation. You can’t imagine how honored we feel by every donation; from $2.00 to $100.00, your desire to help us keep the corporate agenda and beltway narratives out of our coverage has inspired us.

We are suddenly feeling energized in a way we haven’t since Trump took office. We feel like we can do this thing, because of your help.

We firmly believe that the people must drive coverage of politics, because policy impacts people in very personal ways, from affordable healthcare to the right to vote to the right for women to make their own medical decisions.

With your help, we are able to fight the attacks from the Trump administration, stay focused on delivering fact-based news upon which you can rely and hard-hitting, independent coverage of the issues that matter to you.

We are profoundly grateful to each and every one of you for supporting press freedom and independence.

Together, we will get through this nightmare.

With deepest thanks,

Sarah & Jason