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Trump Calls For Investigation Into Hillary Clinton Collusion With Russia

Trump used the bogus report from the House Intelligence Committee Republicans on Russia to call for an investigation into Hillary Clinton collusion.


Trump said, “We were honored. It was a great report. No collusion, which I knew anyway. No coordination. No nothing. It’s a witch hunt. That’s all it is. It was no collusion with Russia. She probably can’t believe it. Who can? The report was very powerful. Very strong. There was no collusion between the trump campaign and the Russian people. I’ve always said there was no collusion but I’ve said there’s been nobody tougher on Russia than me. With that all being said, if we can get along with Russia that’s a good thing not a bad thing. There was nobody tougher. I was very honored by the report. It was totally conclusive, strong, powerful. Nobody knew about and said in a strong way. They were forceful in saying the Clinton campaign did contribute to Russia. Maybe somebody ought to look at what we really should do is get on with our lives and get on with a lot of things.”

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The House Republican Intelligence Committee report was bogus. Republicans ended the Russia investigation early and announced the findings before writing the report. Trump is using the report to deflect from his own activities.

Trump pulled out a trick that he has been using since the 2016 campaign. Donald Trump always accuses someone else of what he is doing or has done. When Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of colluding with Russia, he is admitting his own illegal conspiracy. Hillary Clinton did not collude with Russia. Hillary Clinton’s campaign is not under special counsel investigation. The Hillary card can’t bail Trump out of trouble anymore, and there will not be a competing investigation to take attention away from the Trump/Russia scandal.

The more Trump screams no collusion, the guiltier he looks.

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