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Carl Bernstein Labels Trump An Unprecedented Criminal Seditious President

Legendary journalist Carl Bernstein labeled Trump a historic criminally seditious president who is unprecedented in the country's history.

8 hours ago

Newt Gingrich Wants 1/6 Committee Members Jailed For Investigating Trump

Newt Gingrich thinks that the 1/6 Committee members can be put in jail by House Republicans, but the House doesn't…

9 hours ago

Bennie Thompson Suggests There Is Evidence That Trump Used Military Assets In His Coup

1/6 Committee Chair Bennie Thompson suggested that the committee has proof that Trump used Department of Defense assets in his…

10 hours ago

Trump Enters New Week a Shattered Man After 7 Days Of Terrible News

For now, the media and everyone else, for that matter, are merely absorbing the horrific revelations from last week. But…

11 hours ago

Bernie Sanders Says Manchin And Sinema Are Working With Republicans To Sabotage Biden

On Sunday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said that Democratic Sens. Manchin and Sinema are working with Republicans to sabotage Biden.

13 hours ago

Opinion: If America’s Headed In Wrong Direction, Biden Is the One Trying To Right The Ship

While Biden is trying to fix problems and steer the ship of state in the right direction, these substantial Republican…

15 hours ago

Jim Acosta Tells Ron DeSantis To Send His Election Police Force Over To Mar-a-Lago

CNN's Jim Acosta told Ron DeSantis to send his election police force over to Mar-a-Lago to ask about an attempted…

1 day ago

Kyrsten Sinema May Be On Her Way Out As Arizona Democrats Censure Her

The Arizona Democratic Party has censured Sen. Kyrsten Sinema for refusing to vote to change the filibuster to pass voting…

1 day ago

Trump Is So Screwed That His Lawyer Went On Fox To Defend Deutsche Bank

Trump is in so much trouble that his lawyer was reduced to going on Fox News to defend the integrity…

2 days ago

The Smoking Gun Of Trump Treason Is The Voting Machine Seizure Executive Order

Trump's draft executive order ordering the Secretary of Defense to seize voting machines is evidence of his coup.

2 days ago

Mitch McConnell Says Calling Out His Racism Hurts His Feelings

After being criticized for a statement that suggested that African-Americans aren't Americans, Mitch McConnell said that calling him racist is…

2 days ago

Trump Melts Down Over Being Criminally Investigated In Georgia

Trump released a statement that read like a meltdown as he tried to claim that other criminals in Georgia should…

2 days ago

DOJ Arrests Trump Supporter Who Threatened To Kill Election Officials

A Texas man has been arrested for threatening to kill election officials the day before Trump's coup attempt on 1/6.

3 days ago

Kyle Rittenhouse Went to Court to Ask for the Rifle Used in Wisconsin Killings Back

Kyle Rittenhouse, who last year was acquitted on all charges related to the fatal shootings of two men and the…

3 days ago

White House Launches New Phone Line That Americans Can Use to Order At-Home COVID Tests

The White has officially launched a new phone line that Americans can use to order at-home COVID-19 tests. The move…

3 days ago

Jon Voigt Says The Spirit Of Abe Lincoln Is Guiding Trump

The Republican Trump delusion is getting worse as actor Jon Voigt says the spirit of Abraham Lincoln is guiding Trump.

3 days ago

DOJ Criminal Investigation Requested Into Wisconsin Republicans Who Signed Forged Election Documents

Rep. Marc Pocan (D-WI) has sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland requesting a DOJ investigation into 10 Republicans…

3 days ago

The 1/6 Committee Seems To Suspect Ivanka Trump Has Evidence Against Her Dad

1/6 Committee member Rep. Zoe Lofgren said that Ivanka Trump had conversations alone with her dad during the Capitol attack,…

3 days ago

The 1/6 Committee Releases Damning Information Against Trump

The 1/6 Committee's letter to Ivanka Trump contained damning information about Donald Trump.

3 days ago

Jen Psaki Says What The GOP Doesn’t Want You To Know: Republicans Refuse To Participate On Voting Rights

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told America the truth about Republicans refusing to participate on voting rights.

3 days ago

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