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Biden Campaign Shatters Fundraising Record After Kamala Harris Named VP Pick

Joe Biden's decision to pick Sen. Kamala Harris as his VP nominee has energized Democrats all across the country.

2 mins ago

Trump Is Completely Deflated By Kamala Harris’ Historic Rise To VP Nominee

Biden's decision to put Harris on his ticket wasn't just smart and historic, but it was clearly the last thing…

1 hour ago

“She Never Called Biden Racist” Watch Fox News Fact Check Trump Statement on Kamala Harris

While there were many candidates to become Joe Biden's running mate, Kamala Harris was long seen as a front-runner. The…

1 hour ago

Trump Melts Down Into Gibberish Over Biden Picking Kamala Harris

Trump reacted to the news that Biden picked Kamala Harris as his running mate by melting down and spewing nonsense…

3 hours ago

Donald and Ivanka Trump Gave Thousands to Kamala Harris Campaigns in 2010s

Donald Trump has only been a Republican for a few short years. Prior to that, the current President was a…

3 hours ago

Trump Is Scared Of Kamala Harris, According To Nicolle Wallace

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace reported that Trump is scared of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) and views her as having a clear…

4 hours ago

Biden Picks Kamala Harris As His VP As Trump’s Nightmare Comes True

The VP pick that Trump was most afraid of has become a reality as Joe Biden has chosen Sen. Kamala…

5 hours ago

Trump Negativity Backfires As Biden Crushes Him With Voters Who Dislike Both Candidates

A new Monmouth University Poll revealed that Trump might be doomed as voters who dislike both candidates favor Biden 55%-17%.

5 hours ago

Trump Is Removing Mail Sorting Machines From Post Offices

Post offices are reporting that Trump's Postmaster General has been removing mail sorting machines as he takes his mail-in voting…

7 hours ago

Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorist Rick Wiles Claims Democrats Are Trying To Kill Trump

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles, the founder of conspiracy "news" website TruNews, claimed Democrats are actively trying to kill President…

9 hours ago

“Mitch Better Have My Money”: Kentucky Voters Angry at McConnell’s Response to Economic Crisis

Kentucky voters are angry at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's response to the economic crisis wrought by the coronavirus pandemic.…

10 hours ago

Trump Downplays Coronavirus Cases, Calling Them “Fake News Gold”

President Donald Trump continues to downplay the severity of the coronavirus pandemic. In a tweet earlier this morning, the president…

11 hours ago

Trump Lashes Out at U.S. Officials, Disputes Claim He Trusts Putin Over U.S. Intelligence

President Donald Trump lashed out at government officials and disputed claims that he trusts Russian leader Vladimir Putin over United…

11 hours ago

An Obama Or A Biden Is Scheduled To Close Every Night Of The Democratic Convention

The current Democratic Convention schedule, which is subject to change after the VP pick, has an Obama or a Bien…

13 hours ago

Rachel Maddow Warns That Trump Will Only Become More Desperate And Dangerous As Election Nears

As the country falls further into crisis, Donald Trump will only become more desperate to hold onto power.

23 hours ago

Adam Schiff Calls Trump A Russian Tool Who Is ‘Unwilling To Defend Our Democracy’

Trump is ignoring a very real threat to American democracy – and violating his oath to defend the United States…

1 day ago

Deranged Trump Says Mail-In Ballots Are A Bigger Threat To Democracy Than Russia

Donald Trump once again demonstrated just how far he is willing to go to avoid acknowledging the findings of his…

1 day ago

WATCH: Beto O’Rourke Predicts Biden Will Win Texas

Texas, especially during the 8 year run of George W. Bush, has been a ruby red Republican stronghold. There have…

1 day ago

Trump’s Brain Breaks On National TV As He Claims The Spanish Flu Ended World War II

Trump claimed that the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 happened in 1917, and it ended World War II, which ended…

1 day ago

Trump Admits His Executive Order On Healthcare Is Worthless

Trump admitted that the executive order that he will sign on healthcare is a political statement that is a second…

1 day ago

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