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Mitch McConnell’s Threat Backfires As Big Business Meets To Cut Off GOP Cash

More than 100 corporate and business leaders responded to Mitch McConnell's threat by meeting to discuss cutting off the GOP.…

8 hours ago

The Media Is Now Bluntly Calling Out Republican Racism And Cheating

April Ryan is the latest high-profile media figure to call out the Republican Party for not liking the browning of…

9 hours ago

Chris Wallace Calls Out Greg Abbott’s Partisan Hack Hypocrisy On Fox

Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace called out Gov. Greg Abbott for not saying anything about abuse at migrant facilities while…

13 hours ago

A Terrified Jim Jordan Melts Down Over Democrats Protecting Voting Rights And Expanding SCOTUS

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) started losing it because Democrats may expand the Supreme Court and protect voting rights for minorities.

13 hours ago

Pelosi Says She Won’t Give Republicans Anything On Infrastructure Bill

Speaker Pelosi said that she would not make any changes to the infrastructure bill in order to get Republican votes.

14 hours ago

Opinion: Georgia’s Attorney General Should Send Rudy Giuliani To Prison

If Republicans weren’t corrupt, and if justice prevailed, both Giuliani and Trump will be prosecuted and sent directly to prison.

16 hours ago

Trump Calls Mitch McConnell A “Dumb Son Of A B*tch” For Not Helping Him Potentially Avoid Prison

Trump called Mitch McConnell a "dumb son of a bitch" for not destroying democracy and overturning the election during an…

17 hours ago

Opinion: Key Lawsuits, Trials Offer Hope For America Reversing Trump’s Culture Of Un-Accountability

What we need to recognize is that when returned these verdicts will not just tell us about these individual cases;…

1 day ago

Lock Him Up: Leaked Pentagon Document Supports Case For Trump Treason Charges

A leaked document from the Pentagon shows that Mike Pence ordered the military to clear the Capitol on January 6,…

1 day ago

Second Matt Gaetz Aide Bails As The Feds Close In

The Legislative Director for Rep. Matt Gaetz resigned in an email as evidence piles up against the Florida congressman.

1 day ago

Toyota Donated To A Seditious House Republican And Now They’re Facing A Boycott

Toyota donated to one of the House Republicans who voted against certifying Joe Biden's win and now some customers are…

2 days ago

White Lives Matter Movement Infiltrated and Turned Into A Dumpster Fire

According to leaked chat messages, Antifa infiltrated white lives matter and turned the racist movement into a dumpster fire.

2 days ago

Republicans Accused Of Election Rigging Conspiracy As Congress Demands DOJ Probe

11 House Democratic African American Congresswomen are calling on Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate a Republican conspiracy to rig…

2 days ago

Texas GOP Chair Is Lying To Texans And Telling Them They Can Secede

Texas Republican Party Chairman Allen West is doing multiple interviews telling Texas, inaccurately, that they could secede.

2 days ago

Mitch McConnell Blows A Gasket Over Biden Potentially Adding More Supreme Court Justices

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell had the nerve to accuse President Biden of court-packing as he lost it over the…

2 days ago

House Ethics Committee Will Investigate Matt Gaetz For Sexual Misconduct, Illicit Drug Use, And Bribery

The House Ethics Committee has announced a comprehensive investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz for sexual misconduct, sharing nude images on…

2 days ago

Peter Doocy Asked Another Bad Question, And Pete Buttigieg Smashed It

When he was asked if there is demand for cross country high-speed rail service, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said that…

2 days ago

Biden Restores POW/MIA Flag To The White House That Trump Took Down

Donald Trump moved the POW/MIA flag from on top of the White House, but Joe Biden has restored to its…

3 days ago

Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Blames Oprah Winfrey Interview For Killing Prince Phillip

Fox News's Brian Kilmeade blamed Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and the Oprah Winfrey interview for Prince Phillip's death.

3 days ago

Biden Creates Commission That Will Explore Expanding Supreme Court

President Joe Biden will order a 180-day commission that will explore the mechanics behind expanding the Supreme Court. The commission…

3 days ago

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