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Rudy Giuliani’s Twitter Account Suspended For Spreading False Information About Coronavirus

Twitter temporarily suspended the Twitter accounts of Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani and Charlie Kirk for spreading misinformation about the coronavirus.

36 mins ago

Opinion: Coronavirus Questions Values of American Economy Itself, as well as Trump’s

When Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker tried to purchase the protective gear necessary for healthcare workers in his state, the problem…

2 hours ago

Florida Governor Bans Reporter From Coronavirus Briefings Because She Asked For Social Distancing

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has banned a reporter from his coronavirus briefings because she requested that the briefings practice…

15 hours ago

Opinion: Trump Proves He is More Monstrous Every Day

During a week when we became number one for coronavirus cases in the world and when we saw the death…

17 hours ago

Opinion: Defiant evangelicals are part of Trump’s death cult with Americans’ blood on their hands

It is not entirely clear if an alarming number of churches flagrantly defying social distancing orders are doing so for…

18 hours ago

Trump Approval Ratings Plummet 13 Points On Coronavirus

A daily tracking poll on the coronavirus has found that approval of Trump's handling of the epidemic has plunged a…

20 hours ago

Trump’s New Bad Coronavirus Idea Is To Quarantine States

Trump says he wants to impose a two-week federal quarantine on some states as his part of his scheme to…

22 hours ago

Biden Defends Michigan Gov. Whitmer And Tells Trump He ‘Could Learn A Thing Or Two’ From Her

Biden said that Donald Trump should be taking notes on leadership from Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, not lobbing petty, partisan…

23 hours ago

Rush Limbaugh Tells America That Trump Is Way Smarter Than Any Health Expert

Limbaugh told his listeners that they should listen to Donald Trump, not experts that have spent their careers grappling with…

23 hours ago

Approval Of Trump’s Coronavirus Response Has Plunged 6 Points In 3 Days

The rallying effect that had been boosting Donald Trump's approval rating over the past couple weeks is starting to diminish,…

24 hours ago

Trump Unravels In Saturday Twitter Meltdown As U.S. Becomes Coronavirus Epicenter

As the coronavirus outbreak in the United States continues to get worse by the day, Donald Trump took to Twitter…

1 day ago

Trump Demands Media Reveal Sources After He Posed As A Fake Spokesperson For Decades

Trump attacked the press's coronavirus coverage for sourcing after he spent years planting fake news as his own pretend press…

1 day ago

Biden Leads By 9 As Trump’s Coronavirus Bump Vanishes

Joe Biden leads Donald Trump 49%-40% as Trump's coronavirus approval bump looks to be a polling mirage that wasn't driven…

2 days ago

Michigan Governor Says Medical Supplies for Her State Have Been “Canceled” or “Delayed”

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) says her state is not getting urgently needed medical supplies to battle the coronavirus pandemic…

2 days ago

In Response to Coronavirus Cases, Hillary Clinton Says Trump “Did Promise America First”

Former Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton said President Donald Trump "did promise America first," a response to the news that…

2 days ago

Trump Told Mike Pence Not To Call Governors Who Criticized Him

Trump admitted during the coronavirus briefing that he told Mike Pence not to call Govs. Jay Inslee and Gretchen Whitmer…

2 days ago

Trump Has No Democrats At Coronavirus Stimulus Bill Signing

Even though it was House and Senate Democrats who added key provisions to help America's workers and hospitals, Trump only…

2 days ago

Unstable Trump Invokes Defense Production Act To Force GM To Produce Ventilators

The White House announced that the increasingly desperate and unstable Trump is now forcing GM to produce ventilators.

2 days ago

Governor Says Trump Is Withholding Medical Supplies From Michigan

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) said that the Trump administration told vendors not to send needed ventilators to her state of…

2 days ago

Nancy Pelosi Masterfully Stops Thomas Massie From Blocking Coronavirus Aid Bill

Speaker Nancy Pelosi used her magic minute power to hold the House floor to stop Rep. Thomas Massie from blocking…

2 days ago

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