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Rep. Jamie Raskin Calls Trump’s Insurrection Crime The Most Terrible In US History

Rep. Jamie Raskin, the House impeachment trial manager, called Trump's insurrection crime the most terrible by a president in US…

48 mins ago

Opinion: Republican Racist Leadership Asks Us To Rethink Elite Education

In the aftermath of the violent assault on the nation’s Capitol, all I heard on the cable news shows was…

3 hours ago

Opinion: Inciting An Attack on America Isn’t A Free Speech Issue, It’s Treason

Dirty Don Trump and his seditious co-conspirators are still seething that private enterprise had the audacity to ban the traitors…

19 hours ago

Mitch McConnell Is Planning All-Out War To Purge Trump From The Republican Party

The McConnell-MAGA back-and-forth is likely to be just the beginning of an internal civil war that could rip the Republican…

1 day ago

Impeachment Manager Tells GOP Senators To Put Democracy First And Convict Trump

If America wants to regain its credibility abroad and rebuild democracy at home, Trump must be convicted for his role…

1 day ago

Georgia Is Moving Toward A Criminal Investigation Into Trump’s Plot To Steal The Election

Prosecutors in Georgia are moving closer to opening a criminal investigation into Donald Trump's blatant efforts to steal the state.

1 day ago

Trump Criminal Investigation Expands To Eric Trump

The Manhattan DA's investigation into potential Trump family financial crimes has expanded to include Eric Trump.

2 days ago

Trump And The My Pillow Guy Plot To Use The Capitol Attack To Declare Martial Law

Trump spent his final Friday in the White House plotting to overthrow the government by invoking martial law with My…

2 days ago

Biden Tells Republicans In Congress To Grow Up And Mask Up

President-Elect Biden told Republicans in Congress that it is time to grow up and wear a mask as their patriotic…

2 days ago

House Republicans Labeled A Danger To The Country And Could Face Expulsion If They Aided Capitol Attack

Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO) said that some House Republicans could be facing expulsion if they played a role in the…

2 days ago

Trump Wants To Give Himself Military Honors As He Flees DC

The White House is considering giving Trump a red carpet, military band, and 21 gun salute when he leaves DC…

2 days ago

Pelosi Calls For The Criminal Prosecution Of Any Member Of Congress Who Aided Capitol Attack

Speaker Pelosi said that any member of Congress who is found to have aided and abetted the Capitol attack should…

2 days ago

Inspector Generals to Review Government’s Response to Capitol Attack

Investigators at the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, Defense, and Interior have announced plans to review their respective agencies' response…

2 days ago

Jeff Merkley Condemns Trump Administration’s Family Separation Policy Following Inspector General’s Bombshell Report

Senator Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) condemned the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy following a bombshell report from the Department of Justice…

2 days ago

Colorado Officials Urge Investigation into Rep. Lauren Boebert, Who Tweeted Pelosi’s Location During Capitol Attack

Colorado officials have written to congressional leadership requesting an investigation into Representative Lauren Boebert's actions leading up to the attack…

2 days ago

The Rehearsal for Biden’s Inauguration Ceremony Has Been Pushed Back a Day Due to Security Concerns

Security concerns have forced the rehearsal for President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration ceremony to be pushed back a day. "It is…

2 days ago

Biden Picks Former FDA Chief David Kessler to Lead U.S. Vaccination Efforts

President-elect Joe Biden has selected Dr. David Kessler, former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) chief, to spearhead the United States'…

2 days ago

Capitol Attack Shows That Trump Is Basically The Leader Of A White Supremacist Terror Cell

The mob that descended on D.C. on Jan. 6 was filled with pro-Trump white supremacists, many of whom were on…

3 days ago

Trump May be Represented by Jim Jordan in Impeachment Case

Over the entirety of his business career, Donald Trump has been involved in over 3,500 lawsuits. He has quite a…

3 days ago

Trump Bans White House Staff From Comparing Him To Richard Nixon

The increasingly unhinged president has banned his remaining staff members from even mentioning Richard Nixon in his presence.

3 days ago

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