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Pathetic Trump Cuts Off Minnesota Rally After Being Denied A Big Crowd

The electoral map for Donald Trump's 2020 reelection campaign looks arduous. With a number of states turning increasingly blue, Trump…

1 hour ago

Mail Ballots Found Piled On Post Office Floor In Critical Florida District

Video footage of a post office in Miami Dade County, Florida found mail-in ballots piled on the floor as voters…

1 hour ago

Joe Biden And Kamala Harris To Barnstorm PA As Trump Races Around Trying To Stop The Bleeding

Trump will be rushing from state to state that he won in 2016 but is losing in 2020, on election…

2 hours ago

Democrat Mark Kelly Rips Trump for Disrespecting his Republican Opponent Martha McSally

One of the most closely watched states on election night is sure to be Arizona. The state has not voted…

2 hours ago

A Good Omen For Democrats As Bald Eagles Circle Joe Biden Rally

Two bald eagles graced Joe Biden's rally, in what could be a sign that America's patriots are coming to take…

5 hours ago

Joe Biden Lays Into Trump And Brings The Blue Wave To Iowa

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden laid into Trump for hanging out on the golf course instead of passing pandemic aid…

6 hours ago

Trump Unravels In Michigan And Makes Fun Of Kamala Harris’s Name

Trump came to Michigan to make fun of Kamala Harris's name and mock Fox's Laura Ingraham for wearing a mask.

7 hours ago

Trump Could Lose Wisconsin Due To COVID Outbreak

Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI) suggested that election night results could be hurt in Wisconsin due to the state being overwhelmed…

7 hours ago

Idaho Lieutenant Governor Criticizes Coronavirus Restrictions in Video for Libertarian Group

Idaho Lieutenant Gov. Janice McGeachin (R) criticizes coronavirus restrictions in a video for the Idaho Freedom Foundation, a libertarian organization…

9 hours ago

White House Strategic Communications Director Says Trump’s Promise to Have Vaccine by Election Day Was “Arbitrary”

White House strategic communications director Alyssa Farah said President Donald Trump's promise to have a coronavirus vaccine available by Election…

9 hours ago

Trump Bails On His Election Night Party To Sulk In The White House

Trump has canceled plans to appear at an election night party at his Washington, DC hotel and instead will stay…

9 hours ago

Trump Accuses Rick Snyder, Who Endorsed Biden, of Having “Poisoned” the People of Flint

President Donald Trump blamed former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder for the city of Flint's ongoing water crisis and criticized his…

10 hours ago

Trump Campaign Accuses Minnesota of “Free Speech-Stifling” After Officials Order Planned Rally to Be Capped at 250 People

The Trump campaign accused Minnesota officials of stifling free speech after the state ordered that they cap attendance at 250…

11 hours ago

Trump Claims Therapeutics Are “Working” Even as U.S. Continues to Break Coronavirus Case Records

President Donald Trump claimed that therapeutics are "working" and lowering coronavirus fatality rates despite another surge in coronavirus infections across…

11 hours ago

Post-Trump White House Takes Shape As Elizabeth Warren Aims To Be Biden’s Treasury Secretary

A post-Donald Trump White House is beginning to take shape as Elizabeth Warren is reportedly vying to be the Secretary…

22 hours ago

Rachel Maddow Says America Is In A Constant State Of Crisis Under Trump

Under Donald Trump, the American people seem to be living in a constant state of crisis – and it just…

23 hours ago

Pennsylvania AG Tells Trump And The Proud Boys He Won’t Let Them Steal The Election

Shapiro said Trump's efforts to undermine democracy in Pennsylvania are rooted in a fear that, if all the votes are…

23 hours ago

Joe Biden Delivers Blistering Case For Why Trump Is Unworthy Of Being Commander In Chief

Trump doesn't just refuse to serve his country. He also refuses to respect those who do put their country first and…

1 day ago

Trump’s Hunter Biden Smears Are Built On A Document From A Fake Intelligence Firm

As coronavirus cases skyrocket to record levels, Donald Trump is pushing conspiracy theories rooted in fake intelligence.

1 day ago

Report: Dr. Deborah Birx Has Stopped Attending Task Force Meeting Because of Scott Atlas

When Donald Trump was tasked with beating back the coronavirus in early March, he failed spectacularly. At that point, he…

1 day ago

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