Jake Tapper Shows Why Trump’s Ukraine Attack On Biden Will Backfire

Steve Mnuchin tried to defend Trump Ukraine attack on Biden only to have CNN's Jake Tapper blows holes in Trump plan by pointing out that Trump and his kids do the same thing.

Democrats To Pursue Law Change So Trump Can Be Indicted In Office

Rep. Kathrine Clark (D-MA) said that House Democrats are going to pursue changing the law so that a sitting president can be indicted while in office.

Trump Admits Ukraine Whistleblower Complaint Is True, But Top Senate Republican Refuses To Believe It

The number two Republican in the Senate, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) refused to believe the whistleblower complaint, even after Trump admitted that he talked to Ukraine about Biden.

India Prime Minister Gets Bigger Applause Than Trump At Texas Rally

At the "Howdy Modi" rally in Houston, Prime Minister Modi of India got bigger applause than Donald Trump from a Republican crowd in Texas.

Adam Schiff Drops A Bomb On Trump: There Is No Privilege That Covers Corruption

Adam Schifff Truimp Ukraine

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) blew up Trump claims that his phone call with Ukraine's president is privileged and can't be released.''

Disheveled And Manic Trump Admits He Tried To Get Ukraine To “Investigate” Biden

A disheveled looking and manic sounding Trump admitted that he tried to get Ukraine to "investigate" former vice president Joe Biden.

Trump Loses It When Reporter Asks Why He Was Talking About Biden on Ukraine Call

Trump reporter Biden Ukraine

During a Sunday morning gaggle with reporters, Donald Trump lost it when he was asked why he was talking about Biden in a call with Ukraine's president.

How a People-Centered Economic Policy Can Prevent the Next Recession

As talk of a looming recession increases in volume, looking back to the Great Recession in 2008 to assess the effectiveness of how we as a nation responded to it seems like a good idea.

It’s always healthy to learn from one’s mistakes and process the past, right? read more

Sen. Dianne Feinstein Warns Trump That Things Are About To Get Worse For Him

The top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), is warning Trump that things will only get worse if he continues his whistleblower cover-up.

Trump Is Compromised And Is Now Owned By The President Of Ukraine

Frank Figliuzzi said on MSNBC that Trump is now owned by the president of Ukraine who can reveal at any time what laws Trump broke.

Opinion: For Trump, States’ Rights are OK for Racism and Sexism, but not Saving the Planet

Last Thursday the Trump administration announced its intention to revoke California’s right to set its own auto emissions standards.

The state’s special authority to set its own standards, stricter than federal regulations, dates back to the 1960s when California was battling particularly severe air pollution. Since then, however, California has been influential in encouraging other states to follow suit in acting more urgently to protect our environment. Twelve states have adopted California’s standards, effectively establishing a near nation-wide standard. read more

Trump Shows His Guilt In Saturday “Ukraine Witchhunt” Meltdown

Trump took to Twitter to have himself a Saturday morning meltdown by accusing the media of engaging in a "Ukraine witchhunt" against him/

Joe Biden Goes Off: Trump Is Extorting Ukraine ‘Because He Knows I’ll Beat Him Like A Drum’

Biden also told the media to keep its eye on the ball and not get sucked into Trump's conspiracy theories, which have already been debunked.

Joy Reid To Dems: If Trump Bribing Foreign Countries For 2020 Dirt Isn’t Impeachable, What Is?

Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats who have been reluctant to go there with impeachment will have to think long and hard about what steps to take next.

Trump’s Ukraine Extortion Scheme Could Bring Down Mike Pence

The repercussions of this scheme could be much worse not only because it involves something Trump in office, but because it could implicate the VP, too.

Trump Calls It ‘Perfectly Fine’ To Extort A Foreign Country Into Investigating Joe Biden

Emboldened by congressional inaction and fearful of Joe Biden's candidacy, Donald Trump is committing more crimes to win another presidential election.

Corporate Media Edit Trump To Make Him Sound Less Stupid

There is a great enabling happening in the United States, and it has been going on for years. Many of the nation's largest media outlets are cleaning up Trump's words to make him sound less incoherent and stupid.

Cory Booker May Drop Out Of Presidential Race If He Doesn’t Raise $1.7 Million In 10 Days

The presidential campaign of Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) says that without a major cash infusion before the end of the month, they don't have a viable path forward in the Democratic primary.

Here Are The 3 Crimes Trump Committed In His Phone Call With Ukraine

Former CIA and DOD Chief Of Staff Jeremy Bash outlined three felony crimes that Trump committed when he tried to pressure Ukraine to investigate Biden.