Playing upon American Hatred of Working Class, Trump Can’t Represent Workers’ Interests

In a tweet last March, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responded to the elitist assaults on her that attempt to diminish and discredit her intellect and governing abilities based on her working-class roots and identity:
“I find it revealing when people mock where I come from, & say they’re going to ‘send me back to waitressing,’ as if that’s bad or shameful. It’s as though they think being a member of Congress makes you intrinsically ‘better’ than a waitress.” read more

What Does an Authoritarian Approach to Higher Education Look Like? Ask Trump and Brazil’s Bolsonaro

We can hear the authoritarian echoes in both Trump’s and Bolsonaro’s policies to lower higher education.

The Last Thing Trump Wants Is To Run For Reelection As An Impeached President

Having to hit the campaign trail in 2020 as an impeached president would drive Donald Trump even more mad than he already is.

Laurence Tribe Tells Democrats They Must Immediately Stage A Trump Intervention

Nancy Pelosi was correct to call for an intervention – but it is up to her and other Democrats in the House of Representatives to lead it.

Former Federal Prosecutor Warns The ‘Republic Cannot Survive’ If Trump Isn’t Impeached

Impeachment looks like the best tool Dems have left – not only to fight the lawless Trump but to send a message to future presidents.

Rudy Giuliani Demands Pelosi Apologize For Trump Intervention Truth

Trump's TV lawyer Rudy Giuliani demanded that Speaker Pelosi apologize for "harming the nation" by speaking the truth about the president's instability.

U.S. State Department misses deadline to explain Iran arms control report: aide

By Arshad Mohammed and Jonathan Landay

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. State Department failed to meet a deadline on Thursday to provide information to three congressional committee chairmen looking into whether an annual arms control report slanted and politicized assessments about Iran, a congressional aide said. read more

Congressman Says There’s Already Enough Evidence To Impeach Trump

Rep. Al Green Trump impeachment

Rep. Al Green (D-TX) said that the Mueller report has already given the House enough evidence to impeach Donald Trump without more investigation.

Trump’s Own Staff Compare Themselves To Hostages

Trump own staff said traveling with him makes them feel like captives as White House staff try to avoid riding on Air Force One with the president.

Key GOP Lawmakers Won’t Say If They’ve Read the Mueller Report

Three out of four chairmen and ranking Republicans wouldn't even respond when asked how they reviewed the report.

Trump Cries To Reporters Because Nancy Pelosi Was Mean To Him

When he was asked about his personal attack on Speaker Pelosi, Trump responded by whining about the “horrible things” Pelosi said about him.

Trump is upset because Nancy Pelosi was mean to him

Trump said, “This shows how fake you and the news are. When you say a personal attack. Didn’t you hear what she said about me long before I went after her? Didn’t you hear? She made horrible statements. She knows they’re not true. She said terrible things. I just responded in kind. Look, you think Nancy is the same as she was. She’s. Maybe we can all say that. I think right now we are — I’m only speaking for myself. I want to do what’s good for the country. I think Nancy Pelosi is not helping this country. I think the Democrats are obstructionists.” read more

Trump Just Accused The UK and Australia Of Spying On Him

Trump UK Australia spied

Trump has gone full-blown conspiracy theory by claiming that the FBI, CIA, and the United Kingdom all spied on his 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump Is Trying to Run on Healthcare By Taking It Away

Trump goes to the healthcare well of promises when he thinks he's losing an election. Trump is now promising a healthcare vote would come right after the 2020 election.