Trump rants about the lack of protesters at the courthouse.

Trump Is Throwing A Fit Because He Thinks Cops Are Scaring Away His MAGA Protesters

Before the gag order violation hearing, Trump went on a political rant because he was upset that not enough MAGAs were protesting for him outside the courthouse.

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Trump said, “What’s going on is a disgrace. And that’s interesting outside for great Americans people who want to come down and they want to protest at the court and they want to protest peacefully. We have more police presence here than anyone’s ever seen but blocks. You can’t get near this door and yet you have nobody up at college. We have very radical people wanting to rip the colleges down the universities down.”


As The New York Times reported, the MAGAs have not shown up at Trump’s trial:

Donald J. Trump was evidently not happy with what he saw out the window of his chauffeured S.U.V. as he rode through Lower Manhattan on Monday morning for the beginning of opening arguments in his first criminal trial.

The scene that confronted him as he approached the dingy courthouse at 100 Centre Street was underwhelming. Across the street, at Collect Pond Park, the designated site for protesters during the trial, only a handful of Trump supporters had gathered, and the number would not grow much throughout the morning.

Trump has spent years to make his legal troubles a shared burden with his supporters. He keeps telling them that the government is also coming for them. The ex-president has virtually begged his supporters to come out and protest on his behalf.

Donald Trump wants an intimidating show of strength.

Instead, he has gotten a few stragglers here and there. The kind of protesters who also hang out on street corners and hand out doomsday conspiracy theory pamphlets.

The MAGAs have stopped showing up for Trump.

There has been lots of media speculation as to why, but the answer is pretty simple. Conservative media, where MAGAs get their information is not covering Trump’s legal woes. Most of his supporters are uninformed about his legal woes. The other reason why MAGAs aren’t showing up is that they know that Trump’s court cases have nothing to do with their lives, and their don’t care.

Trump fatigue is real. The former president isn’t the draw that he used to be.

Each day when he comes to court with his freedom on the line, Trump is confronted with the reality that his strength is an illusion, and the crowd whose love he needs for constant validation is not there.

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