DA Fani Willis

The Deliberate Attempt to Humiliate Fani Willis with Racist Stereotypes

The hearing into Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has been conducted in a way that is very familiar to women in power and even more so to women of color: It has been focused on humiliating her by delving into her romantic life to portray her in a manner consistent with a racist stereotype of Black women as a Jezebel, with a focus that has nothing to do with the Trump RICO case.

Stephen Colbert talks about Trump on The Late Show.

Stephen Colbert Delivers One Of The Most Crushing Jokes Ever About Trump

Stephen Colbert compared Biden and Trump and called Trump a malicious elderly rapist in a crushing description of the former president. Colbert said: Last Thursday, we finally got the report from the special counsel investigating Joe Biden’s retention of classified documents, Robert Hur. Hur’s investigation found insufficient evidence to charge the president with a crime….

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