Marjorie Taylor Greene says Republicans don't have the votes to impeach Biden.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Goes Quiet When Asked What Happened To Her Trump Stock

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene owns stock in Trump’s declining media company, and when asked, she wouldn’t say what has happened to her stock.

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NBC News reported:

Asked by CNBC and NBC News, Greene wouldn’t say what happened to her stock in Digital World Acquisition Corp., which, through a merger with Trump Media and Technology Group, recently started publicly trading as DJT. The share price is down at least 45% month to date.

Greene bought shares of DWAC on Oct. 22, 2021, just days after the merger announcement, in an amount ranging from $15,000 to $50,000, according to her official congressional financial disclosure filings. The DWAC stock opened up trading that day at $118.80 and finished around $67.

Either Greene doesn’t want to admit that she still has the stock and is losing money on it, like all of Trump’s other investors, or she may have gotten some inside information as a member of Congress and cashed out before the stock fell off the cliff.

Rep. Greene probably doesn’t want to say because the answer doesn’t look good for her or Donald Trump. The idea that any current member of Congress is investing in an ex-president/current party nominee’s company is troubling on its own.

The entire situation is an invitation for corruption and potential criminality.

As a public official, Marjorie Taylor Greene needs to come clean and tell the American people where her Trump stock is.

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