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Recent Study Confirms US Ranks Dead Last in Healthcare Outcomes

Medicare for all. That very phrase has the potential to produce several very palpable responses. Republicans are, naturally, opposed to it since it promises to circumvent the private health insurance industry’s profit motive. Many right-of-center Democrats–some of whom accept money from the same private health insurance industry–are still reticent to support it despite a 2018…


There Are No Democrats In Disarray Just 2020 Corporate Media Failure

The following is a PoliticusUSA editorial by Editor in Chief Sarah Jones. President-elect Joe Biden received more votes than any other presidential candidate in history, but Democrats didn’t expand the House as predicted or take back the Senate (pending Georgia run offs). This has led to endless “Democrats in disarray” hot takes. Yes, we have…


When Calling for Impeachment Don’t Forget About Vulnerable People Under Attack

It would be a lie to tell you that I don’t think this president deserves to be impeached, or that I don’t agree that the rule of law is imperiled if he is not impeached by the House and convicted by the Senate. Intellectually, impeachment is the only answer to the immoral, unlawful attacks on democracy that are Donald Trump’s presidency.


Nancy Pelosi Won the Wall Battle For America And The People

Those who claim this was a fight between parties are ignoring that one party was doing the will of the people, while the other was not. The Speaker got it done because it was the right thing to do and it should be remembered that she is not the person who held the government and 2 million people hostage over a failed campaign promise.


It’s Time To Publicly Shame Trump And The Russia Scandal Liars

The following is an editorial by PoliticusUSA‘s co-publisher Sarah Jones. The day before a judge admonished Trump‘s former National Security Adviser for selling out his country, suggesting that Flynn committed treason, former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone admitted to spreading lies on Alex Jones’ conspiracy oriented InfoWars. Stone made the admission during the settlement of…


Reality Check: It’s not a ‘Liberal Mob’ It’s Right Wing Terrorism and It’s Dangerous

The following is an editorial by PoliticusUSA’s co-publisher Sarah Jones. The mob is real; it’s Republican, and it’s dangerous. The media needs to do its job regarding Trump and the Republicans’ dangerous rhetoric against Democrats and liberals. Today, Wednesday October 24th just two weeks before the Nov. 6 elections, the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force…


Democrats Stand Up To Abuser Trump And The Media Gets It Totally Wrong

The media and politicians keep addressing the issue of Donald Trump as if it were a relationship problem between him and whoever he is insulting, intimidating, bullying, and lying about on that day. This is not only wrong, but it enables him to continue and misses the far more frightening point that there is no reasoning with Donald Trump, because he does not want the same things for our country as most of us on both sides of the aisle want.


Living Among Them; Secrets from Trump Country

Black people are blamed for every evil in our world here in Trump country. This isn’t a one-off. This isn’t an emotional reaction to a few racist comments. This also isn’t a smug lecture about the ugly racism of the other. The “elites” want liberals to stop talking about racism — in a way that only people who are privileged enough to not suffer racism could.

There is a cancer in our country and ignoring it won’t fix the problem.


Republicans Will Align Themselves With Trump And Russia Forever If They Ram Through These Tax Cuts

The Republican Majority Leader is assaulting the democratic process yet again, but this time he’s doing it for a President who is not only under FBI investigation for possible collusion with a hostile foreign power, but whose National Security Adviser just pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about contacts with Russia, and who will reportedly testify that he was directed in his contacts with Russia by the President himself.


Backlash To Trump Is Directly Responsible for the Sudden Shift in Power for Women

Without the backlash to Donald Trump’s presidency — a thing built on the backbone of his own admission on tape that he sexually assaults women whenever he wants to and 16 women coming forward to say that Trump harassed and/or assaulted them — we would not be here right now…

… Having sometimes heartbreaking discussions about the predators among us.


Democrats Are Carrying Republican Water with Personal Character Attacks

The following is an editorial by PoliticusUSA’s co-publisher Sarah Jones. Demoralized Democrats are depressed today because they’ve had an entire primary of issue indulgence, with excellent presidential candidates focused on policy and issues that matter deeply to the base. The Democratic primary has truly been a cornucopia of issues, a fact that made a sharp…


Republicans Lack the Courage to Firmly Denounce Child Sexual Assault and the Duggars’ Cover-up

The reason Republicans have a problem is because they won’t denounce the Duggar family’s cover up of Josh Duggar’s sexual assaults. Former Governor Mike Huckabee has gone full-on defense of the child sexual predator and his family while other Republicans who used the Duggar family as right-wing Christian cred in photo-ops are now silent.

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