Rachel Maddow Bombshell: Trump Could Be Prosecuted For A Felony

Rachel Maddow Trump prosecuted

Rachel Maddow explained how the Southern District of New York could indict and prosecute Trump for felony obstruction of justice while he is president.

Rachel Maddow laid out why the SDNY could prosecute Trump

Maddow said:

What Mr. Whitaker did after this was unclear. There is no evidence he took any direct steps to intervene in the Manhattan investigation. He did tell associates that the justice department that prosecutors in New York required quote adult supervision. read more

Sen. Richard Blumenthal Blasts Trump For Unprecedented Effort To Obstruct Justice

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) who serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee said that Trump's efforts to obstruct justice are an unprecedented pattern of corrupt intent.

Even Fox News Is Now Saying That Trump Is Committing Crimes

It has become so obvious that even Trump's favorite cable news network, Fox News is saying that he is committing crimes.

Trump Accidentally Confirms That He Is Obstructing Justice

Trump obstructing justice

By only saying fake news in response to reports that he is actively trying to obstruct justice, Trump confirmed that he is committing an impeachable offense.

Trump Caught Trying To Obstruct Justice In Felony Hush Money Case

The President Of The United States has been caught trying to obstruct justice, by placing a Trump loyalist in charge of the hush money investigation.

Pelosi And Schumer Pounce And Put A World Of Hurt On Trump’s ‘Emergency’

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer released a joint statement Friday morning blasting President Trump for declaring a national emergency, threatening to seek every remedy in the Courts to defend their constitutional authorities.

Trump’s National Emergency Flops As Ann Coulter Busts Him For Appealing to His Stupidest Voters

Trump's threat to go around Congress' constitutional authority isn't going over as planned with conservative pundit Ann Coulter, who busted him for "Trump to scam the stupidest people in his base for two more years."

Adam Schiff Just Shredded Any Hope Paul Manafort Had For A Trump Pardon

According to the Democratic congressman, the reason Manafort lied to investigators is that he was still holding out for a pardon from Donald Trump.

‘This Is The Collusion’: Paul Manafort’s Lies Point To A Clear Trump-Russia Conspiracy

Collusion not only happened, but it involved some of the highest-ranking officials on Trump's team up to and including the president himself.

Twitter Hammers Trump After Revelation That He Installed a $50,000 Golf Simulator

Trump golfs more than Obama

The "Executive Time" scandal is still growing. President Trump is getting dragged by Twitter after revelations that he installed a room-size golf simulator at the White House in the last few weeks.

Malcolm Nance Says Trump Is Part Of A Long-Term Russian Intelligence Operation

The campaign portion of Trump's relationship with Russia appears to be just the beginning of what was a long-term intelligence operation.

Inauguration Committee Money Illegally Went To Donald And Ivanka Trump

New evidence shows that Trump was skimming money off of his inaugural committee by having his daughter Ivanka overcharge for hotel rooms.

Trump Wanted A War With Jeff Bezos And Now It May Bring Him Down

The National Enquirer attack on Jeff Bezos is unraveling what looks like another failed Trump operation to strike back at one of his "enemies."

Matt Whitaker’s Hearing Is A Complete Disaster For Trump

Matt Whitaker hearing

Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker finally showed up to testify before the House Judiciary Committee and the hearing has been a disaster for Trump.

AMI Might Be Trying To Blackmail Bezos And The Washington Post Into Giving Trump Good Press

The Washington Post

AMI spent years protecting Trump through a practice called "catch and kill" in which they would buy and bury unfavorable stories about the now-president.

Adam Schiff Calls Trump Tower Meeting Treason As He Goes Straight For Don Jr.

Schiff said the infamous 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russia was treason as he continues to signal that Donald Trump Jr. is in his investigative sights