Trump Says Obama Is Violating Emoluments Clause Even Though It Doesn’t Apply To Private Citizens

By spewing nonsense about Barack Obama's post-presidency book deal, Donald Trump is trying to distract from his own conflicts of interest.

Republicans Go Insane And Say Epstein’s Suicide Means Dems Should End The Russia Investigation

Republicans are desperate to end any type of investigations into this morally bankrupt president, but this might not be the best strategy.

Unsealed Documents Show Epstein Recruited At Least One Victim At Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Resort

Trump has repeatedly tried to distance himself from Epstein, but the more information we learn, the more the two men seemed to be kindred spirits.

Con Man Comment Backfires As Al Sharpton Burns Trump To The Ground

Al Sharpton Trump racist

Al Sharpton said that if Trump really thought that he was a con man, he would have nominated him for his cabinet.

Trump And His Kids Have Been Sued For Marketing Fraud

A judge ruled that Trump and his three children must face a class-action lawsuit that accuses the Trumps of engaging in multilevel marketing fraud.

Mueller Admits The Only Reason He Didn’t Indict Trump Was He Couldn’t

Mueller indict Trump

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) got Mueller to confirm that he couldn't indict Trump because of the OLC opinion that a sitting president can't be indicted.

Ted Lieu Says Mueller’s Testimony Will Confirm That Trump Is A Felon

The Democratic lawmaker said the committee he sits on will take Mueller's testimony as an opportunity to expose the president's crimes.

Trump Would Be Fired By Any Workplace In America For His Racist Rampage

If Trump held any other job in America and launched into a racist tirade directed at one of his co-workers, he would be fired.

Trump Has Lost More Members Of His Cabinet To Ethics Violations Than Any President In History

Trump is so corrupt and devoid of values that he has had more members resign due to ethics concerns than any other president in history.

Trump Campaign Melts Down After Trump Gets So Racist That Everybody Notices

The Trump campaign is having a meltdown after Donald Trump wrote a series of tweets that were so racists that their racism couldn't be denied.

The SDNY Epstein Investigation Could Verify ‘Savage’ Rape Allegation Against Trump

The SDNY's investigation into everything related to Jeffrey Epstein's sex trafficking operation could be Donald Trump's worst nightmare.

House Judiciary Committee To Subpoena Stormy Daniels And Others On Trump Felonies

The House Judiciary Committee is going to subpoena 12 individuals including Stormy Daniels as part of their investigation into Trump abuse of power. l

Democrats Just Made The Jeffrey Epstein Case Much Worse For Trump

House Oversight Committee Chairman Cummings (D-MD) has called on Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta to publicly testify on July 23 about his handling of the Jeffrey Epstein case.

Rachel Maddow Reveals Sexual Assault Incident Involving A Child At One Of Trump’s Migrant Camps

Maddow highlighted some of the allegations laid out in a new NBC report, and they are among the most disturbing that have come to light yet.

Senate Dem Says Trump’s Labor Sec Must Be Removed For Connection To Epstein’s Sex Trafficking

The disturbing Epstein news has also brought to light a related rape accusation made against – who else? – the president of the United States.

Ted Lieu Is Asking The FEC To Investigate Trump’s Taxpayer-Funded 4th Of July Campaign Rally

In a discussion with MSNBC's Joy Reid on Saturday, the Democratic lawmaker said Trump made a "mockery" of Independence Day.

Congressman Alerts FBI To Possible Trump 4th Of July Bribe

Rep. Ted Lieu cc'd the FBI on a tweet about Trump potentially accepting a bribe for his 4th of July party.

New Video Shows Women Crammed Into Detention Center Cell After Being Denied Showers And Meds

New video released by Rep. Joaquin Castro gives another glimpse into the inhumanity Donald Trump has brought to the southern border.

New York Attorney General Warns Trump That She Can Prosecute Him

After Trump complained about New York investigating him and his foundation, New York AG Letitia James warned Trump that he is not above the law.

Trump Brushes Off His Own CIA And Defends Murderous Saudi Crown Prince At The G20

At home, Trump works tirelessly to undermine American institutions. Abroad, he alienates America's closest allies and embraces murderous tyrants.