Trump’s Nightmare Continues As Robert Mueller Will Testify Before Congress On July 17

The new development will ensure that the saga surrounding Mueller's report – and the crimes laid out in the document – will continue for Trump.

Two GOP Senators Call For Trump To Be Investigated For Latest Rape Allegation

It's sad that it's a breaking news event when Republican senators show concern about a rape allegation made against a sitting president.

Democrats Get A Huge Win In Emoluments Clause Lawsuit

Congressional Democrats got a big win as a judge ruled that their lawsuit to get Trump's business records can move forward.

Trump Attacks Latest Rape Accuser From The Oval Office: ‘She’s Not My Type’

Just when you think this man can't debase the presidency any more than he already has, Donald Trump rises to the occasion to do just that. 

Trump Calls Himself The Victim, Not E. Jean Carroll

Trump spent Saturday playing the victim while smearing his most recent sexual assault accuser, E. Jean Carroll.

Trump Confirms His Guilt By Claiming He Never Met E. Jean Carroll

E. Jean Carroll

Trump’s response to E. Jean Carroll was typical. He claimed that he never met Carroll and that her account of him sexually assaulting/raping her in a department store never happened.

E. Jean Carroll Writes That Trump Assaulted Her

Carroll wrote a vivid account of the incident: read more

GOP Congressman Says It’s Okay That Trump Committed Crimes Because The Economy Is Good

Republican supporters of Trump now think it's okay for the president to be a criminal if the economy is growing and the jobless rate is falling.

Democrats Prepare To Repeal DOJ Rule That Prevents Presidents From Being Indicted

Trump has shown that this decades-old guideline barring criminal presidents from being indicted most definitely needs to be revised.

Malcolm Nance Says Trump Committed A Crime By Inviting More Election Interference

Malcolm Nance warned that election interference in 2020 to benefit Trump will be much more widespread than the Russian attack in 2016.

Adam Schiff Tears Down William Barr After The DOJ Approves Trump’s Tax Return Cover-Up

Adam Schiff evidence Trump/Russia collusion

Schiff said Barr's approval of Trump's tax return cover-up is the latest example of how far the DOJ has fallen under this attorney general.

‘Unthinkable’: Mitt Romney Trashes Trump For Welcoming More Election Interference In 2020

Trump's comments this week that he would welcome (more) foreign election interference in 2020 struck a nerve with some GOP lawmakers.

Rachel Maddow Reveals New Scandal That Could Sink Mitch McConnell

If you're wondering why the Senate majority leader has sold his soul to protect this corrupt and unfit president, look no further.

Maxine Waters Calls Trump ‘Unworthy’ And Says She Won’t Stop Until He’s Impeached

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters said she believes Donald Trump should be impeached because he is unworthy to be president of the United States.

Opinion: John Dean Wipes Out the Republican Kiddie Caucus

John Dean Matt Gaetz

Within the first few minutes of his opening statement, John Dean showed us he was ready and able to wipe out the Republican Kiddie Caucus.

House Democrats Can Issue An Impeachment Verdict Without Going Through The GOP Senate

Democrats in the House of Representatives have the power to reach a verdict on impeachment without having to go through Republicans in the Senate.

Dems Prepare To Slap Another Contempt Charge On Bill Barr After DOJ Ignores More Subpoenas

The DOJ announced that it would ignore subpoenas for documents related to a controversial move to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census.

Former GOP Rep Urges Nancy Pelosi To Give A Primetime Address Making The Case For Impeachment

Former GOP Rep. David Jolly said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should deliver a primetime address to the nation making the case for impeachment.

‘What Does He Think He Is?’: Chris Matthews Destroys Trump For Bringing His Sleazy Kids To London

MSNBC's Chris Matthews obliterated Donald Trump on Tuesday for forcing world leaders to "kiss the butt of his family members."