Trump Legacy of Suffering

Steve Schmidt Tells Trump What His Legacy Will Be: Mass Death, Suffering And Economic Collapse

Donald Trump looks in the mirror everyday and thinks he sees greatness. The minority of this country that fervently supports him sees the same false image.

But outside of that alternative reality bubble, it’s easy to recognize that Trump is the weakest, most incompetent and corrupt president this country has ever had – and it isn’t even close.

The coronavirus pandemic has only further magnified just how broken a person Trump is. As former GOP strategist Steve Schmidt said on Saturday, his legacy will be mass death, suffering and economic collapse.

“That’s the Trump legacy,” Schmidt said in a discussion on MSNBC’s AM Joy. “And he has demonstrated through this crisis he has exactly zero capacity to lead this nation out of this mess.”


Schmidt said:

Real tragedy has come. And we look at that ad, it was just days ago that it aired and yeah it talks about 60,000 dead Americans and now we’re nearly at 80,000 and soon we’ll be at 100,000 and soon we’ll be at 200,000. This is a man who promised to run saying, ‘I can fix it alone. I will make America great again.’ And his legacy will be mass death, will be suffering at an epic level and economic collapse. That’s the Trump legacy and he has demonstrated through this crisis, he has exactly zero capacity to lead this nation out of this mess. And it will not be the work of one presidential term. It will be the work of many presidential terms. For there to be a season of American recovery, and we see every day his incapacity to lead that and in shortly less than six months the American people are going to have to decide in the most important election this country’s had since 1864, whether the United States will go into a steep descent of decline, or we can possibly begin to recover from the Trumpian disaster that the country faces.

Trump is losing sleep over negative ads, not mass death and unemployment

What’s almost as bad as the mass death, suffering and economic loss that has swept across the country is that Donald Trump doesn’t seem to care that it’s all happening under his watch.

Instead, what really keeps him up at night is negative TV ads that call him out for dropping the ball on the worst health crisis to hit this country in a century.

Donald Trump – a man who lacks empathy, intellect and the ability to set aside his ego for the good of the country – is the worst person to be leading the United States during a time of tragedy and crisis.

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