More Americans Want Trump To Resign Than Want Him To Stay In Office

A new Reuters poll found that more Americans want Trump to resign than want him to stay in office.

Former GOP Congressman Tells House Dems To Ignore The Fox Bubble And Move Toward Impeachment

Doing nothing is not an option, particularly after Democrats were successful in 2018 based in part on their promise to hold this president accountable.

Trump Is Having A Mar-a-Lago Meltdown After Mueller Destroyed His ‘Total Exoneration’ Lie

Donald Trump has reportedly become increasingly angry and is lashing out at those around him as he watches the cable news coverage.

Trump’s Approval Rating Hits Lowest Point Of 2019 After Release Of Redacted Mueller Report

Following the release of Robert Mueller's redacted report, Donald Trump's approval rating has tumbled to the lowest point this year.

Rachel Maddow Shows How Trump’s Worst Nightmare Of Being Criminally Charged Can Come True

Rachel Maddow dug into Mueller's roadmap and uncovered how Donald Trump could be criminally charged for obstruction of justice.

Congress Is Building Criminal And Impeachment Cases Against Trump

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) said that Congress is building cases for criminal prosecution and the impeachment of Donald Trump.

Senate Intel Committee Chair Leaked Details Of FBI Investigation To Trump

The chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) leaked details of the FBI's investigation into the president to Trump.

As Democrats Launch Move That Could End His Presidency, Trump Plays Golf

On the day when House Democrats launched their first move to get the evidence that could end his presidency, Donald Trump went to play golf.

Rachel Maddow: Mueller Report Shows Trump Is The Key To Russia’s Plot To Topple U.S. Democracy

What should worry the American people is that there is no indication that Russia's efforts to undermine U.S. democracy have stopped.

Trump Blames Obama For Mueller’s Damning Report

As Trump looked for a way to deflect from the damning Mueller report, he took to Twitter to – what else? – trash Barack Obama.

Trump Responded ‘I Do Not Recall’ Three Dozen Times In Written Answers To Mueller

It wasn't just minor details Trump was unable to remember. His inability to recall touched on some of the main components of Mueller's investigation.

Former CIA Chief Of Staff Says Mueller’s Report Shows Trump Is Operating Like A Dictator

The bad news for Trump – and for Bill Barr – is that the United States is not the authoritarian regime he wishes it was – at least not yet.

‘A Damning Portrait Of Lies’: House Chairs Blast Trump Obstruction of Justice

The powerful chairs of all of the major House committees issued a joint statement blasting Trump's lies and obstruction of justice.

Even Trump’s No Collusion Defense Is On The Verge Of Collapse

It turns out that Trump's no collusion defense isn't no collusion, but collusion that can't be charged as a crime.

Robert Mueller Found Enough Evidence To Indict Donald Trump

The first bombshell from the Mueller report is that Mueller did consult the Office of Legal Counsel about the possibility of indicting Trump for obstruction of justice.

Trump Brainwashes His Supporters By Telling Them To Only Watch Barr Press Conference On Fox News

Trump is openly promoting Fox and One America News and trying to hide the facts by telling his supporters to only watch Barr's press conference on those channels.

Rachel Maddow Calls It Absurd That Mueller Isn’t Invited To The Release Of His Own Report

If Barr's press conference intended to present the facts in an honest way to the American public, then Mueller would likely be there.

Jerry Nadler Just Blew Up Bill Barr’s Plan To Whitewash The Mueller Report

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler tore William Barr to shreds for acting as a spin master for Donald Trump.

Bill Barr Has Been Feeding Trump Info On The Mueller Report To Help With His Rebuttal

Trump's legal team has been able to get out in front of the Mueller report – which is expected to be damning – and craft a rebuttal with Barr's help.

Trump’s Poll Numbers Plummet With Unemployment At Less Than 4%

Never in the history of polling have a president's numbers plunged on the direction of the country while unemployment was so low.