Adam Schiff Calls Out Republicans For Being Spineless Trump Lap Dogs

Congressman Adam Schiff wrote an open letter to Republicans calling on the party to say publicly what they have said privately about Donald Trump.

Robert Mueller’s Final Report Could Jump-Start Trump’s Impeachment

If the report is detailed and damning enough, it could force Republicans to do what they have refused to do for the past two years: hold Trump accountable.

Another NYC Building Votes To Remove The Trump Name As Resale Values Plummet

The city that knows Donald Trump best – the place he and his family have called home for decades – wants nothing to do with him.

El Paso Sues Trump For Damaging Their Reputation And Economy

The county of El Paso has sued Donald Trump for damaging their reputation and economy with his bogus national emergency declaration.

Andrew McCabe Unloads And Blasts Trump’s Lies

Andrew McCabe Trump Lies

Andrew McCabe responded to Trump lying about him and his removal from the FBI by calling out the lies of the President Of The United States.

Rachel Maddow: Trump’s New AG May Have Just Shut Down The Mueller Investigation

Rachel Maddow dropped a chilling warning that Donald Trump's new attorney general could be behind the special counsel's sudden conclusion.

Andrew McCabe Says The Case That Trump Is A Russian Asset Is Stronger Than Ever

Former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe believes the case that Donald Trump is a Russian asset has only grown stronger over the past two years.

Howard Dean Tells The Trump Family To Get Ready For Indictments And Jail Time

Dean said that he expects indictments and jail time for members of Donald Trump's family – no matter what happens with the special counsel investigation.

Susan Collins Will Join Democrats In Blocking Trump’s Fake National Emergency

Sen. Susan Collins' opposition is just the latest signal that Donald Trump's fake and illegal emergency declaration is in trouble.

Trump Falsely ClaimsThe EU Never Met With Obama. (The EU Met With Obama 15 Times)

Trump uncorked another bit of anti-Obama revisionist history when he falsely claimed that the EU is meeting with him, but wouldn't meet with Obama.

Trump Is Fueling Hate As Hate Groups Hit 20 Year High In US

A new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center has found that hate groups rose to a record high of 1,020 in the US, and the growth coincides with the rise of Trump to the White House.

Even Fox News Is Now Saying That Trump Is Committing Crimes

It has become so obvious that even Trump's favorite cable news network, Fox News is saying that he is committing crimes.

60% of Americans Want Trump Sued For ‘National Emergency’

Americans overwhelmingly disagree with Trump's fake national emergency, and they want him sued for his actions.

Rachel Maddow Says America Should Be Terrified That Trump Is A Russian Agent

There is a long list of former high-level members of the intelligence community that believe the president could be a threat to national security.

Trump’s Reelection Team Admits That Fear And Ignorance Is Their 2020 Campaign Strategy

While Democrats roll out policies and proposals that actually benefit middle and low-income workers, Trump will double down on minority resentment.

16 States Just Sued Trump Over His Fake National Emergency Declaration

It's a pretty clear-cut concept that the president of the United States can't just concoct a national emergency in order to circumvent Congress.

‘What’s The Point Of Congress?’: Katy Tur Rips GOP For Turning Blind Eye To Trump’s Power Grab

In the Donald Trump era, Republicans in Congress have abdicated their responsibilities and refused to act as a co-equal branch of government. 

Congresswoman Calls Out Trump For Trying To Cash In On His Illegal ‘National Emergency’

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) called out Trump and his kids for trying to cash in on his 'national emergency' declaration to get his wall.

The ACLU Dismantles Trump’s Fake Emergency Power Grab

The ACLU explained that they are suing Trump because his national emergency is fake and a pretext for banning asylum to the United States.