Joe Biden Calls Trump A Thug Who Has Shredded America’s Moral Fabric (UPDATED)

Joe Biden Trump racism

At a fundraiser in Los Angeles, former vice president Joe Biden called Trump a thug who has shredded the moral fabric of America.

Joe Biden Just Showed More Compassion In 50 Seconds Than Trump Has In His Entire Life

Joe Biden might be imperfect, but he connects with people on a human level – something Donald Trump couldn't even dream of doing.

Poll Brings Bad News For Trump As Biden, Warren, and Sanders Could All Beat Him

The five Democratic candidates with the most support are looking more like a big three with Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren all leading Trump in a new poll.

Joe Biden Shows Trump How A President Is Supposed To Defend America

Former vice president Joe Biden drilled Trump for humiliating America with the most shameful performance in presidential history.

Joe Biden Is The Only Democrat With A Clear Advantage Over Trump In New Poll

The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll found that former Vice President Joe Biden is the only Democratic candidate who has a clear lead and advantage over Trump.

Trump Thinks Joe Biden Has Already Been President

In another desperate attack on former VP Joe Biden, Donald Trump suggested that he believes Biden has already served as president.

A Trump Supporter Made The Worst Mistake Of His Life When He Called Biden Sleepy Joe


A Trump supporter called Biden Sleepy Joe at an Iowa parade. Biden responded by asking the man to run with him. The man declined.

Kamala Harris Jumps To Second As Joe Biden Continues To Lead In Iowa

A new Iowa poll has Kamala Harris passing Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, but still trailing Joe Biden by 8 points 24%-16%).

Warren And Harris Surge, Biden Slides, and Sanders Plummets In New Poll

Kamala Harris Joe Biden

Kamala Harris surged to second place as Joe Biden stayed in first, Elizabeth Warren moved to third and Bernie Sanders sunk to fourth in a new CNN poll.

Biden Stays In First, Harris Moves To Third In First Post Debate Poll

Kamala Harris Joe Biden

In the first poll done after the Democratic debate, Joe Biden remains in first, Bernie Sanders is second, and Harris has moved into a tie for third with Warren.

Biden Holds Steady While Harris Gets A Bump In Post Debate Poll

Kamala Harris Joe Biden

The first post-debate poll shows Sen. Kamala Harris getting a bump and Biden and Sanders remaining steady in the Democratic primary race.

Here Are The Democratic Debate Winners And Losers (Night 2)

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had great debates, as here are the entire list of winners and losers from the second night of the Democratic debate.

Kamala Harris Goes After Biden For His Segregationist Senator Comments

Kamala Harris Joe Biden

Kamala Harris went there and mixed it up with Joe Biden and called him for his comments about working with segregationist senators.

Joe Biden Comes Out Swinging Big At Trump At Democratic Debate

Joe Biden Trump Democratic debate

Former Vice President Joe Biden came out swinging at Donald Trump and appealed to middle-class voters at the Democratic debate.

Eric Swalwell Urges Fellow Dems To Take It To Trump In Second Round Of Debate

Swalwell called it "mind-boggling" that his fellow Democratic candidates spent much of Wednesday's debate avoiding Donald Trump.

Desperate Trump Cooks Up Story To Divide Biden And Obama

Trump tried to create division between Biden and Obama by questioning why Obama hasn't already endorsed his vice president.

Sunday Shows Ignore Trump Rape Allegation, But Ask 11 Guests About Biden Shoulder Touch

The Sunday news shows asked 11 different guests about Joe Biden touching women on the shoulder, but ignored a credible rape allegation against Trump.

Jim Clyburn Defends Biden: He Has A ‘Record’ Of Standing With The African American Community

Rep. Jim Clyburn says African Americans care about deeds more than words, and former VP Joe Biden has a strong record to stand on.

Joe Biden Demands That Cory Booker Apologize To Him

Joe Biden Cory Booker

After Sen. Booker demanded an apology for Biden's comments about working with a segregationist senator, the former vice president told Cory Booker that he knows better and demanded Booker apologize to him.

Trump’s Nightmare Day Worsens As New Poll Shows Biden Crushing Him In Florida

Trump nightmare day is getting worse as a new poll of Florida shows Joe Biden at 50% and leading the president by 9 points.