Poll: Global Approval of U.S. is High Under Biden

Opinions of the United States and its place in global affairs have rebounded and global approval of the U.S. is high under President Joe Biden, who has stressed his willingness to make the United States a valuable and trusted player on the global stage once more in a stark about-face from several years of frayed international relations under former President Donald Trump. read more

Biden Revokes Trump’s Orders Attempting to Ban TikTok and WeChat

President Joe Biden has officially dropped former President Donald Trump’s executive orders that attempted to ban the apps TikTok and WeChat. Instead, the White House will conduct its own review of apps with ties to foreign adversaries that may pose a risk to American data privacy or national security. The new executive order directs the Department of Commerce to undertake an “evidence-based” analysis “of transactions involving apps that are manufactured or supplied or controlled by China,” according to The Associated Press.  read more