Trump’s Job Approval Craters Into The 30s As Joe Biden’s Favorability Rating Soars

Trump's favorability rating is worse than Biden's by double digits with just 38 percent saying they hold a favorable opinion of the incumbent president.

Trump Makes A Fool Of Himself By Claiming Biden Deserted Pennsylvania

Trump first tried to falsely claim that Biden wasn't from Pennsylvania, then he claimed added that Biden deserted the state.

The Media Ignores Trump’s Desperate Pennsylvania Rally As Joe Biden Has Him Running Scared

It's no surprise that Trump dropped into Pennsylvania on Monday to try to salvage his sinking political hopes in the state. But is anyone listening?

Biden And Sanders Are Tied Followed By Warren, Buttigieg and Harris In Iowa

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are tied in a wide-open Iowa Democratic caucus, with Buttigieg, Warren, and Harris also at double-digit support.

Terrified Trump Spews Nonsensical Word Salad At Joe Biden

Trump is scared and his latest tweet attack on Joe Biden was a nonsensical word salad of desperation that shows a failing and flailing president.

Joe Biden Hits Trump Right Between His Racist Eyes

Joe Biden Trump racism

Joe Biden went after Trump's racism and bigotry in a simple, clear, plainspoken way that nailed the president right between the eyes.

Joe Biden’s Philly Kickoff Rally Shows His Campaign Has The Momentum To Win Back The Midwest

If Biden's frontrunner status holds and he moves onto the general election, the message he delivered on Saturday in Philly will be tough for Trump to beat.

Joe Biden Draws A Huge Crowd In Philly For His Campaign Kickoff

Joe Biden crowd size philly

Former vice president Joe Biden is drawing a crowd in Philadelphia that is matching his standing at the top of the Democratic polls.

Joe Biden Has A Higher Favorability Rating Than Trump Has Ever Had

A new Gallup poll shows that Joe Biden has a higher favorability rating that Trump has ever had as a candidate or president.

Joe Biden Has Trump Terrified And Reeling In Pennsylvania

Trump is so terrified and afraid of Joe Biden winning Pennsylvania that he is overseeing his reelection campaign in the state.

Fox Poll Shows Trump’s Support Sinking Into The 30s As Biden Leads By Double Digits

Former vice president Joe Biden is crushing Donald Trump in a head-to-head matchup, and he has a sizable lead in the Democratic primary race.

Trump And Giuliani Humiliated As Ukraine Finds No Evidence Of Biden Wrongdoing

The conspiracy theory that Trump and Giuliani hoped would bring down Joe Biden has crashed and burned in Ukraine.

Kamala Harris Is Sick Of Being Asked About Being Biden’s Running Mate

Sen. Kamala Harris is a presidential candidate in her own right and is tired of people asking her about running as Joe Biden's running mate.

White Voters Flee Trump As Biden Leads By 11 In Pennsylvania

A new Quinnipiac University Poll of Pennsylvania shows former vice president Joe Biden leading Trump 53%-42% in a state that the president must win.

According to the Quinnipiac Poll:

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Joe Biden Is Soundly Beating Trump In His Own Poll

Trump's own internal polling shows former vice president Joe Biden beating him across the country, and is fueling his 2020 panic.

Bernie Sanders Is More Popular With Fox News Viewers Than MSNBC

Bernie Sanders support Fox News

Bernie Sanders gets nearly double the support from Fox News viewers (22%) than he gets from MSNBC viewers (13%) in a new poll.

Bernie Sanders is more popular with Fox News viewers than MSNBC viewers

According to a new Morning Consult poll that breaks down support for Democratic candidates based on what media they consume, “The Vermont senator has 22% of the share of Fox News viewers, but only 13% of support among MSNBC viewers.” Fox News is Sen. Sanders best-performing media category followed by Wall Street Journal readers (19%), New York Times and Washington Post readers (17% each). Sanders is getting beaten badly by Biden with both MSNBC viewers (44%-13%) and Fox News viewers (42%-22%). Among MSNBC viewers, Elizabeth Warren is closest to Sanders (10%) followed by Pete Buttigieg (9%), Kamala Harris (7%), and Beto O’Rourke (5%). read more

Joe Biden Just Destroyed The Myth That He’s Not Tough Enough On Climate Change

It's flat-out wrong for anybody – whether they're on the left or right – to say that Joe Biden has been a sellout on this issue.

Ukrainian Prosecutor Made Up Conspiracy Against Biden To Woo Trump

A Ukrainian lawmaker is claiming that the country's top prosecutor made up a conspiracy against Joe Biden to win favor with Trump.

Joe Biden Leads By 31 In South Carolina As Pete Buttigieg Rises

A new poll of the South Carolina Democratic primary has Joe Biden leading Bernie Sanders by 31 as Pete Buttigieg as the biggest upward mover besides Biden.