Impeachment Is Destroying Trump As Both Biden And Warren Are Trouncing Him By Double Digits

The polling increasingly shows that even if Joe Biden isn't the Democratic nominee next year, Donald Trump will face an uphill climb.

Trump Has A Complete Mental Implosion During Profanity-Laced Self-Therapy Rally In Minnesota

While the rally was officially a 2020 campaign event, it appeared to be more of a profanity-laced self-therapy session for Trump to vent all of his frustrations.

Joe Biden Just Showed Exactly Why Trump Is So Afraid Of Him

Former Vice President Joe Biden warned Trump that he picked a fight with the wrong guy as he called for Trump's impeachment.

Trump Diplomats Drafted An Official Statement For Ukraine To Announce Investigation Of Biden

Donald Trump was not alone in his effort to abuse his office to extort a foreign power into getting dirt on a political opponent.

Trump Is Losing To Every Democrat In Ohio As Support For Impeachment Surges

The backbone of Trump's 2016 Electoral College victory was the midwest, but a new poll shows that it could be his undoing in 2020.

Trump’s Ukraine Smear Backfires As Kamala Harris Defends Joe Biden

Biden Harris healthcare

Trump's Ukraine conspiracy theory is backfiring on him, as Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) is defending the patriotism of former vice president Joe Biden.

Rudy Giuliani Loses It On Twitter And Claims Biden Is Trying To Silence Him

Rudy Giuliani responded to Biden demanding that the networks stop giving him airtime by claiming that Joe Biden is trying to silence him.

Joe Biden Demands That TV Networks Stop Giving Giuliani Airtime

Joe Biden's advisers wrote ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and Fox News to demand that they stop giving Rudy Giuliani airtime to push baseless conspiracy theories.

Joe Biden Flat Out Accuses Trump Of Trying To Hijack The 2020 Election

Joe Biden didn't mince words on Thursday as the Ukraine extortion and cover-up scandal continues to engulf the Trump presidency.

MSNBC Dumps Trump Press Conference To Fact Check His Lies

MNBC dumps Trump press conference

As Trump was making false statements at a furious pace, MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace cut off Trump's press conference to fact check his lies.

Trump Says He Will Only Release Full Whistleblower Complaint If Biden Is Investigated

Trump Biden transparency

Trump claimed that he would only release the full Ukraine whistleblower complaint if there is "full transparency" on his baseless Biden conspiracy theory.

GOP Senator Melts Down On Live TV After Chuck Todd Crushes His Lies About Joe Biden

If Sen. Kennedy's performance was an early glimpse of how Republicans will handle the coming impeachment battle, they're in big trouble.

Biden Makes All Of Trump’s Nightmares Come True With 2 Sentences

Joe Biden Trump Ukraine

In a brief, but powerful, statement Joe Biden wrecked Trump and brought all of the president's biggest fears to life with two sentences.

Sen. Chris Murphy Shuts Down Trump’s Laughable Biden Conspiracy In Less Than 60 Seconds

Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy didn't need much time to lay out just how ridiculous Donald Trump's claims about Joe Biden are.

Disheveled And Manic Trump Admits He Tried To Get Ukraine To “Investigate” Biden

A disheveled looking and manic sounding Trump admitted that he tried to get Ukraine to "investigate" former vice president Joe Biden.

Joe Biden Goes Off: Trump Is Extorting Ukraine ‘Because He Knows I’ll Beat Him Like A Drum’

Biden also told the media to keep its eye on the ball and not get sucked into Trump's conspiracy theories, which have already been debunked.

Trump’s Ukraine Extortion Scheme Could Bring Down Mike Pence

The repercussions of this scheme could be much worse not only because it involves something Trump in office, but because it could implicate the VP, too.

Trump Calls It ‘Perfectly Fine’ To Extort A Foreign Country Into Investigating Joe Biden

Emboldened by congressional inaction and fearful of Joe Biden's candidacy, Donald Trump is committing more crimes to win another presidential election.

Joe Biden Hammers Trump And Demands The Release Of Ukraine Call Transcript

Former Vice President Joe Biden slammed Trump for abuse of power and demanded that the transcript of the Ukraine call that inspired the whistleblower complaint be released.

Whistleblower Triggers A Bribery Bomb Heading Straight For Trump

Whistleblower Gate just blew up right into Trump's soft spot: Bribery.

A president cannot bribe or accept bribes. He cannot order others to do so on his behalf.

Yes, that's right. In addition to the constitutional standard that lists bribery as a cause for impeachment, President Trump’s Ukraine whistleblower problem just got a lot worse.