Poll: Biden Lead Over Trump Continues in Five of Six Battleground States

Democrat Joe Biden’s lead over President Donald Trump continues in five of six battleground states, according to the latest “States of Play” survey from CNBC and Change Research.

The survey found Biden leads Trump by six points in Florida, 50 to 44 percent. He also leads by five points in Michigan, 48 to 43 percent. Additionally, Biden leads by four points in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, 48 to 44 percent and 47 to 43 percent, respectively.  read more

Obama Says Biden Nailed It With Kamala Harris Pick

Obama praises Biden selection of Kamala Harris for VP

Former President Barack Obama praised Joe Biden for picking Sen. Kamala Harris to be his running mate. Obama said Biden nailed the choice.

In a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, Obama said:

Choosing a vice president is the first important decision a president makes. When you’re in the Oval Office, weighing the toughest issues, and the choice you make will affect the lives and livelihoods of the entire country – you need someone with you who’s got the judgment and the character to make the right call. Someone whose focus goes beyond self-interest to consider the lives and prospects of others. read more