Mike Johnson speaks about his weekly press conference.

Mike Johnson Got Called Out For His Biden Cognitive Hypocrisy And It Didn’t Go Well

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson was asked during his press conference why he wants to meet with Biden if he thinks the President is in cognitive decline, and he answered with word salad.

How Did Speaker Johnson Defend His Biden Cognitive Hypocrisy?

Johnson was asked, “You’ve talked about the challenge of the President’s cognitive ability. You’ve said he is not fit to be President, don’t believe he can do the job. Why do you think a meeting, a one-on-one meeting with the President Of The United States would solve all of these problems?”

Speaker Johnson answered, “Well, that’s a very good question, but I have to do everything that I can, and he is the commander in chief right now, as uncomfortable as that makes most of this country, and I have to work with what I have. I have to do my job, and I’m going to insist to continue to do that. The House Republicans are going to continue to do our job. We’re going to continue to move the ball forward. We’re going to continue to demand that before we take care of issues all around the world, we take care of our own first. I’m telling you, that is not a campaign message. That is the truth, and that is what resonates in the hearts of the American people. We are on the side of common sense, it’s the side of security, the side of stability, it’s the side of sanity, and the President Of The United States will not acknowledge that, and it is of great alarm to us.”

Johnson didn’t answer the question.

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Republicans Can’t Have It Both Ways On Biden

Biden can’t be both too cognitively declined to be President and a mastermind who is using the presidency to stop the Republican agenda on immigration. These two things can’t exist together because they contradict each other.

The fact that Johnson couldn’t come up with anything resembling an answer to a very obvious question should tell the American people all that they need to know about the GOP claims related to Biden’s cognitive abilities.

Republicans can’t square the circle, and it suggests that if the White House seizes the moment and puts Biden out there more, these attacks on Biden could be neutralized.

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