Biden speaks to the National Builders Trade Unions.

Biden Torches Trump After Picking Up Key Endorsement

President Biden took down Trump and said that when the ex-president injected bleach, it missed his vein and went to his hair.

President Biden said while speaking to the North America’s Building Trade Unions that just endorsed him, “In fact, construction of new factories has more than doubled in our administration. Meanwhile, meanwhile, Donald Trump still thinks windmills cause cancer. That’s what he said. By the way, remember when he was trying to deal with COVID, he said, Just inject a little bleach in your veins. He missed it, it all went to his hair.”

Video of President Biden:

Sean McGarvey President of North America’s Building Trade Unions on why they endorsed Biden on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, “He saved our pensions that are now creating the biggest infrastructure boom we have ever seen, and we call it the infrastructure generation Joe Biden is creating.”


Biden has been very good for workers involved in building and infrastructure. There is a building and infrastructure boom happening in the United States, and it is because of the policies of the current administration.

Trump is sitting in Trump Tower sulking and raging about his criminal trial and legal problems while President Biden is campaigning and organizing key constituencies. Biden is taking Trump apart from coast to coast, and Trump is responding by trying to avoid a criminal conviction that would virtually end his odds of ever becoming the next president.

President Biden is literally rebuilding America, while prosecutors are building a case that could convict Donald Trump.

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