Trump Poised For Huge Blunder As He Narrows VP Choices To 4 Anti-Abortion Men

Donald Trump seems to think that abortion won’t hurt in the general election as his running mate finalists are Tim Scott, Marco Rubio, J.D. Vance, and Doug Burgum.

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Bloomberg reported:
The spectacle comes as Trump is narrowing his gaze on a handful of potential running mates: Ohio Senator JD Vance, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, Florida Senator Marco Rubio and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, according to people familiar with the deliberations as recently as this week.

Trump is saddled with legal woes. His running mate could be a crucial surrogate on the campaign trail, helping broaden his appeal with independents, women and minority voters, while also helping tap wealthy donors as he trails President Joe Biden by nearly $100 million.

If Trump chooses any of these men, none of them will help him with Independent voters, women, or minority voters. Tim Scott has groveled the most for the job publicly, but it would be in character for Trump stay in his comfort zone and pick a white man.

All of Trump’s potential running mate choices are extremely anti-reproductive freedom. Three of the four are old faces on the national political stage, as Burgum is the only unknown, but that is what Trump wants. The ex-president wants a running mate who has no chance of ever getting more publicity than him or outshining him.

Picking an anti-abortion man as his running mate would be an epic strategic blunder for Trump, as the reproductive rights issue is poised to loom large in the campaign.

Instead of putting a fresh face into the race, Trump is going to go with a stale sycophant, and in the process make sure that he gets torched by the gender gap at the polls in November.

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