Republican Senator Marco Rubio: “Everyone Should Just Wear a Damn Mask”

Marco Rubio has bluntly suggested that people should be wearing masks to help stop the spread of Covid-19. The Republican’s suggestion comes as his home state is recording more cases.

The Florida senator spoke to reporters after a lunch featuring Vice President Mike Pence. Many of the journalists were wearing masks. Rubio mentioned assisted living facilities (ALFS). read more

Republicans Are Carrying Out An Assault On Democracy In Florida

Yesterday, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) sent out a series of  Tweets implying a vast conspiracy was taking place due to his belief that “democratic lawyers are trying to change the results” of this past Tuesday’s election. Governor Rick Scott continues to hold a slim lead  over his opponent, Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL), however, that margin continues to deteriorate as more votes continue to be counted. read more

Republicans Desperate to Save Midterms, Distance Themselves From Trump

President Donald Trump’s latest controversies surrounding Russia have not gone over well with Republicans in Congress. But even worse for the GOP, they have not gone over well with the majority of American voters. As a result, Republicans on Capitol Hill are now desperately trying to find a way to distance themselves from the actions (and the words) of the president in order to avoid what they fear might be a disaster in this fall’s midterm elections. read more

Marco Rubio Admits Workers Are Getting Screwed By Trump Tax Cuts

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) admitted in an interview that there is no sign that workers are getting any of the benefits from the GOP/Trump tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations.

Seriously? Gary Cohn Blames Congress for Trump Breaking Campaign Promise to Repeal Carried Interest Loophole

One hallmark of Donald Trump’s presidency to date has been his ignorant blustering about the office he holds, notoriously over-reaching in his assertions of power and bumping up against the checks and balances our founders put in place precisely to protect our democratic institutions against bullying tyrants such as Trump has proven himself to be. read more

Marco Rubio Gets Raked Over Hot Florida Coals for Failing to Do His Job

Marco Rubio is being raked over the coals by Floridians for refusing to say why he won't do his job, and even the Senate Judiciary Chair ringleader of Not Doing His Job Chuck Grassley is hanging Rubio out to dry.