Opinion: Trump Is Why Whistleblowers Need Protection

Donald Trump showed us why whistleblowers need protection. He all but ordered a hit on the whistleblower who exposed his shakedown of the Ukraine and more when it became all too clear that his presidency is cooked. read more

Senate Finds NRA Provided Russians Access To Republicans For Money

A Senate investigation has found that the NRA provided Russians access to Republicans in exchange for lucrative business opportunities.

‘Save our planet!’: Young activists lead global protests over climate change

‘Save our planet!’: Young activists lead global protests over climate change
By Gabriella Borter, Fabrizio Bensch and Patpicha Tanakasempipat

(Reuters) – From the Solomon Islands to New York’s Wall Street, millions of students and workers abandoned schools and offices on Friday to demand urgent action to stop global warming, joining a worldwide strike inspired by 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg. read more

NRA Grip On Gun Debate Is Slipping Away As Major Gunmaker Stops Production Of AR-15 Rifles

Being on the right side of this issue is good business – and the National Rifle Association is gradually losing its grip on the gun debate.

Mitch McConnell Shamed Into Pretending To Care About Election Security

After 46 Senate Republicans voted against $250 million in funding for election security in 2018, Senate Republicans have finally been shamed into making a vague gesture of care for US elections by agreeing to add just $250 million to the Financial Services and General Government (FSGG) Appropriations bill Thursday morning.

Opinion: Children Cannot Consent

Children cannot give consent to so many things under the law.

Whether it’s when someone rapes children, when children get medical treatment, or when children escape violence, their stories are framed as if they can give consent. We see this with the Jeffrey Epstein case, with medical deferments of deportation, and with asylum cases. This article barely scratches the surface. read more

Nancy Pelosi And Chuck Schumer Back Trump Into A Corner On Guns With One Genius Move

With one move, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer tied Donald Trump's hands by giving him an offer he would be insane to turn down.

The FBI Helped Republicans Hide and Lie about Kavanaugh’s Sexual Assaults

The FBI only interviewed nine of the ten witnesses they were allowed, and they didn’t bother with witnesses who confirmed other accusations against Kavanaugh. The FBI also didn’t use the entire week.

Brett Kavanaugh’s Sexual Assault Lies Are So Much More Than Just Another Trump Scandal

This might seem like just another Trump scandal, another horrible person he’s put into power, but it’s so much more than that.

Biden Smacks Down Bernie Sanders For Lecturing Him On Cancer Coverage

Some of Joe Biden's strongest debate moments have been when health care was the issue the Democratic candidates were discussing.

Trump Humiliates Himself With New Cave On China Tariffs

Trump keeps talking tough and then postponing new tariffs on China, which gives China zero incentive to make a deal.

Trump’s Reelection Could Cost 500,000 Americans Their Jobs

A Moody's analysis found that Trump's trade war has already cost 300,000 Americans their jobs, with another 500,000 to lose their jobs by the end of 2021 if Trump wins reelection.

A Majority Of Americans Now Favor A Mandatory Buyback Of Assault Weapons

A majority of Americans (52%) support a government program to buyback assault weapons and get them out of the hands of potential mass shooters.

New Smoking Gun Shows Republicans Using Voter ID and Gerrymandering To Steal Elections

The files of Thomas Hofeller show that the Republican Party has been using gerrymandering and voter ID laws to suppress the rig elections by suppressing the Democratic and minority vote.

San Francisco Passes Resolution Deeming The NRA A Domestic Terrorist Organization

The San Francisco city council has passed a resolution deeming the NRA a domestic terrorist organization.

Opinion: We Can Be Better Than Sending Sick People to Certain Death

Rachel Maddow Trump deport sick kids

We can do better than sending sick people to certain death, forcing them to literally beg Emperor Trump for their lives. We can do better than taking issued student visas away because the student’s friends may have said something we don’t like. read more

‘Something Is Going Wrong’: Maddow Sounds The Alarm About Trump’s Apparent Mental Decline

Trump's instability has gotten worse in recent weeks, and it comes at a time when America and the world are in need of stable leadership.

Chris Hayes Calls Trump A Never-Ending Category 5 Disaster

As Trump signals that he doesn't care or know much about climate change, the policies his administration keeps enacting are making the problem much worse.

Democrats Blast Trump For Robbing The Military To Pay For His Wall

Speaker of the House Pelosi and Senate Democrats are vowing to fight Trump's move to steal $3.6 billion from military projects to fund his wall.

The NRA Threatens Walmart After It Stops Selling Handguns and Ammo

After Walmart announced that they were no longer selling handguns and ammo, the NRA responded by threatening the nation's largest retailer.