Democrats Show Trump They Can Legislate And Investigate By Passing The Dream Act

The Dream Act

On the same day that Trump claimed that Democrats couldn't legislate and investigation, the House Judiciary Committee passed permanent protections for Dreamers.

16-year-old Guatemalan Boy Dies In US Custody Due To Trump Immigration Policy

A 16-year-old Guatemalan boy died in US custody in the Rio Grande Valley Sector on Monday morning, making the fifth death of an immigrant minor at the southern border since December.

Pelosi Kills Trump’s Immigration Plan Before It Even Reaches The House

Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued a statement declaring Trump’s immigration plan dead on arrival before it even reaches the House.

Speaker Pelosi said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

This dead-on-arrival plan is not a remotely serious proposal. read more

Trump’s Big Lie Collapses: Data Shows Areas With More Undocumented Immigrants Have Less Crime

Trump knows his best bet politically is to play into peoples' fears and prejudices – even if they're completely baseless.

Trump Is Pushing To Make Tens Of Thousands Of Poor US Kids Homeless

The Trump administration is trying to taking housing assistance away from up to 55,000 citizen children because one of their parents is an immigrant.

‘Grade-A Idiot’: Julián Castro Destroys Trump For Encouraging Violence Against Immigrants

Since the earliest days of his campaign, Donald Trump has been a beacon of inspiration for violent white supremacists and racists.

Trump Under Investigation For Forcing Undocumented Golf Course Employees To Work For No Pay

At the end of the day, it's clear that Trump doesn't give a damn about undocumented immigrants other than how much he can exploit them to his benefit.

Legal Expert Warns Trump May Be Leading A Criminal Conspiracy On The Border

According to one legal expert, Trump is leading a criminal conspiracy to commit crimes by violating US immigration laws.

Rachel Maddow Just Destroyed Trump’s Fake Emergency Once And For All

Trump's purge of the Department of Homeland Security has put the final nail in his always-ridiculous national emergency declaration coffin.

Kirstjen Nielsen Will Never Outrun Her Cruel And Inhumane Immigration Legacy

Former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen will certainly try, but she will never be able to outrun her cruel and inhumane immigration legacy.

Trump Wants To Break The Law And Return To Putting Kids In Cages

Trump wants to resume putting migrant kids in cages, which is one of the reasons why Kirstjen Nielsen was pushed out.